Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SPT: Eight clicks

I faced the music long ago that I was never going to be Cindy Crawford. I know that every photo isn't going to be a good photo.


Lelly's SPT challenge was absolutely predestined:

While on weekend in Burlington ,VT it took Craig eight photos to manage one perhaps Cindy would be proud of! OK, perhaps that's a bit much - but it is a keeper- thank heavens for digital cameras!
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donna said...

YOU are so beautiful.
Great SPT!

Melinda said...

These are all great photos. I think you always look so pretty in all the pictures you take. You are very photogenic!

linda said...

Beautiful Michelle...you and the scenery!

Chris said...

I love all those pictures. It is a beautiful picture and so pretty there too.

Jenny said...

Your blog is looking so cute. I am sorry I have not been by to see what you and your family has been up to. I am back, well again and ready to blog and comment.

Love the photos.

dani said...

gorgeous, michelle:)

Mikki said...

I love all these shots. I think you look great in all of them. Love that scenery too. I'm so jealous!

Lene said...

I LOVE it!

Marie said...

Such a fun take on the eight challenge!

Jennfer said...

Love the coat!

Any word on the Flat Stanley pics?

I told you'd I'd harrass you, remember?


jakenapril said...

super 8 post! i wish it only took 8 shots to get a great photo of me! oh, and how i miss the beach...spring isn't too far away. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later!