Sunday, March 29, 2009

There's no crying in baseball.

After school basball practice in our own backyard!

Famous words from Tom Hanks in the very cute movie A League of Their Own have now become highly repeated words in our family. Two girls interested in baseball is bound to draw a few tears, especially when some minor injuries are involved! I love that they are excited about sports. Me, I have the spunk and energy for sports - but was never involved with any team. Craig can vouch for my lack of ability in basketball! I have felt strongly that sports are the answer for these girls. They love it and thrive for the accomplishment.

Getting the whole family involved, including Grandma Sassy makes it even more special. She's not running the bases, but she can help the girls practice their pitching and catching!

My only complaint would be the furniture that is taking up my kitchen and dining room space! The girls can throw the ball into the net and the ball bounces back so they can catch it. Fortunately, I'm kicking them (the nets) outside tomorrow! They start something called blastball at the end of April, a beginner baseball class and will be going to a four day soccer camp this summer. Montreal doesn't have a lot of options for sports - but we're trying to take advantage of anything that's available!

Do you believe in team sports?
Were you in team sports?
Did it help you be more confident?


Marie said...

I love that part in A League of Their Own. So funny.

Those sure look like some family fun times. Dirk and the kids are having lots of fun playing floor hockey in the basement right now. Well, since Christmas really, and I just love listening to them giggling and playing. I play sometimes, but they are SERIOUS about it, and Mom just isn't ready for that kind of pressure! there is no crying in hockey either!

Jenny said...

We love sports at our house. Both hubby and I played sports growing up. I played volleyball, softball and some basketball(not team,just church)My girls love soccer so last fall I coached soccer. I knew nothing,but learned lots from the clinics offered by the city and on line. I plan on doing it again. I love it.

I am with you on kicking out those nets! They have got to be taking up a big chunk of space right now.

Melinda said...

I am signing Cameron up for baseball. He is so excited. I love when the whole family can get involved and play together.

Holly said...

I love that movie and that quote specifically!

Glad your girls are having fun with baseball so far. I think team sports have a lot of positive aspects to offer, as long as things (or parents) don't get too crazy competitive (around here Little League can be fierce from what I hear). A. hasn't played baseball yet, maybe next spring.

Have fun!