Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pushed at recess.

Nini's playground war wounds.
Her poor nose.

It was hard to stay calm when the secretary called to tell me that my little Nini was pushed down in the school yard today at recess. When she described her wounds and asked if I would come to the school, I was even more worried about the incident. Why wouldn't I be? My little girl being pushed by someone, for still no reason than playground antics (name of pusher will not be disclosed!) I didn't know what they had at the school for cleaning her up, so I fished out the hydro-peroxide and some Q-tips and band aids to take with me.

I found her as pictured above sitting in the office with a face that said, "I want to cry", but "I'm going to be brave." I cleaned her up and decided that maybe a good at home, tv watching, lunch with mommy remedy was the best method to healing for the rest of the day. I popped in to get some Neosporin ($14.99, when did this stuff get so expensive) to keep her wound from scabbing over. Her spirits are good and they have a good policy for these types of incidents.


Nicole said...

That's so can be cruel.

Lene said...

Her poor little nose. An afternoon at home sounds perfect after that.

And no kidding about the neosporin. It's crazy.

Marie said...

Oooh! My mommy hackles would be raised. I'm glad she handled it so well, and I'm sure she loved all the special mommy time. But wow, I'd just be so dang mad!

Jenny said...

so sorry to see that she got hurt like that at school. Hope it heals fast.

dani said...

bless her heart, michelle, i hope she is healing beautifully!!!
dani xxxx