Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crochet Flowers to a dog birthday.

Starting a flower crochet blanket.

I've been working on crocheting a bunch of flowers and putting them together as a blanket. It's the first time I've tried this, but am anxious to see how it comes to together. Look for the finished product somewhere next year - that's probably how long it will take me to put it together!

Inga's, not so doggy treats!

We celebrated Inga's birthday today! She is now 15 years old and still as ornery and spoiled as ever. We celebrated her birthday with some treats for ourselves - although we did happen to share any non-chocolate items with her. The girls and I sang happy birthday to her and that was enough attention for her for one day! She was ready to move on!

The birthday girl!

Scrapbooking as been a big thing for me this year. I spent many a week organizing my photos and placing them in photo albums, photo file boxes, and drawers. As I was going through our photos, I realized that I had developed over 20 different photos in an 8X10 formant. Instead of filing these, I am making a portfolio album and placing this in our front living room. It will be our "show-off" book and will contain not only photos of us, but scenic photos that we couldn't leave out.

8x10 Portfolio "show-off" book

I've been loving the idea of starting a "travel" blog detailing all our road trips in our mini-van. Check out this post here for details on new blog and to enter a fun contest!

Any spring projects?


dani said...

i still want to learn out to knit or crochet!!!
yummo!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INGA!!!
and, your scrapbook page is darling, michelle:)

much love,
dani xxxx

Marie said...

The flower blanket will be beautiful. I know it.

I am very behind in my scrapbooking. Woefully behind. I keep thinking it will be my next project, but then something always comes up. Sigh.

You didn't give recipes for those treats!!!!

Jennfer said...

I still have some of those here. Still love 'em too.

H.B. Inganator!

Chrissy, said...

My basement is finished and I'm trying to get organized to enjoy summer with my family.

Natasha said...

Can't wait to see that flower blanket once completed!

crystal said...

I don't have time to sit with a fizzy Diet Coke and catch up like i'd like...just a quick stop to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to one of my verrry favorite people! Love you! xoxo

Melinda said...

I seriously love those flowers you make. You are so crafty!

Jenny said...

I have been wanting to do some scrap booking, but it will have to wait.

My big spring project is moving to our new home in 2 weeks.