Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hamming-it up and blog giveaway.

Guess what we did last weekend at Acorn Cottage? Can you guess? That's right! Acorn Cottage is finally equipped with a hammock and those 20 little toes you see in the photo enjoyed every moment of our 70 degree weather weekend - in that hammock!

Where have I been? I've gone from posting and commenting everyday to barely getting one in a week! I've decided that it's just been too long and I need to have a blog giveaway. I missed my two year blogaversary in February - so this is a perfect time to have a little contest! I have two motives for this giveaway: 1 - saying I'm here! and 2: to introduce to you my new roadtrip blog called Hit the Road Jill. I have been excited about starting this for at least a year! It's a blog about mom's and traveling. I would for you to check it out and add to your blog's you surf!

Click here for my new blog Hit the Road Jill!

Here's how to enter:
My blog giveaway will be all about Montreal. We moved here almost three years ago as American's on expatriot status. My prize, if you win, will be an assortment of hand-picked items that Montreal or Quebec is famous for or produces. Think Syrup, Hockey etc...! Here's how you can play the game and win!

Answer any one of the following questions in the blog comment section and you will be entered once, answer any two questions - you'll be entered twice and so on. Tell you friends, share your answers, look-up your answers - just spread the word and make your answers! Also, check out my new roadtrip blog at Hit the Road Jill, make a comment and I will enter you one more time into my Montreal blog giveaway! Here are you winning questions

  1. What main river surrounds the city of Montreal making it an actual Island?
  2. What is the first language of Quebec?
  3. What is Montreal's sister city?
  4. Name at least one major University within the city of Montreal?
  5. What American city purchased the Montreal's only baseball team, the Montreal Expos? And what are they called now?
  6. Name the two major bridges that lead into the city of Montreal (hint there is more than two, but these are the biggies)
  7. Quebec is the world's largest producer of this tasty, sticky substance?
  8. Montreal is the city of churches, which one share it's name with one found in Paris?
  9. What is Poutine?

Have fun, enter as many as you can,
and add an extra entry for telling me

what is your city famous for?

Contest ends Saturday, 12:00 a.m. EST


Krissy said...

2 is French and I'm guessing 7 is Maple syrup.
9, according to Wikipedia, Poutine is a Fast Food staple food consisting of French Fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. Sounds interesting for sure! Im putting down Université de Montréal for 4.

I'm hoping those are correct haha!

donna said...

#9 French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy.

Heffalump said...

#2: French
#7: Maple Syrup
#9: French fries with cottage cheese and gravy?
I'd have to google to answer the other ones so I will stick with these so I don't feel like I am cheating!

Justin said...

1. St. Lawrence
2. Quebecois (sorry, I can't call it French)
4. McGill
5. D.C. - Washington Nationals
7. Maple Syrup
8. Notre Dame
9. heaven in a cup - fries, gravy and cheese curd

Mikki said...

What fun!!

OK, do we have to answer the questions correctly??
Hmmm, I'm guessing number 7 is maple syrup.
I'll be back with more guesses. LOL
I'll go spread the syrup, I mean the word now. :oP

Bren's Life said...

I will do this later. I need your help. I posted today needing help for Mothers Day. But I should of just come & asked you. YOU are the most creative & gift making person I know.. Do you have any ideas what I can do with my primary class for Sunday? I want to do something really cute.. I have googled Mothers Day crafts but nothing is catching my eye. You have so many great things. I thought about the silouhettes but that would be all my work & not theirs...
Any ideas????? What do you do for Grandparents too?

Un petit coin des cieux sur terre said...

1.Le Saint Laurent
3.Quebec City
4.Mc Gill
6.Jacques Cartier
7. Sirop d'erable!
8. Notre Dame
9. Des frittes avec une sauce speciale et du fromage! I loooooove poutine!!!

Natalie said...

In all fairness, I'll have to in Montreal and all, I know all the answers - though I did have to ask my hubby about the expos. :) I really do love contests!! You're so fun!

Amanda said...

the only answer I know is #2: french!

oh, and #7: maple syrup. Love that stuff!