Monday, August 3, 2009

Fireflies and off to work with Daddy.


By luck or by heavenly design, on a dark summer night when the rain had finally ceased, our family witnessed a beautiful sight. We had just crossed the border into NY from Quebec. There were no other cars around when we spotted them, so we pulled off the side of the road and watched for ten minutes at what seemed like over 10,000 fireflies giving us the best firework show we've ever seen! I wish I could have recorded them, but it was too dark and I'm not that tech savvy with either my camera or video camera. We've driven past this same spot several times just to see if we can recreate that night.

Soon after this experience, I discovered this jar at a craft store in the NY Adirondacks. I hope that this will help the girls keep this memory. I've looked online to find something like this for you to purchase and found this link at the Victoria Trading Company.


Now, what to do with my girls while I lay on my side on doctor's ordered bed rest? While the boys are busy kicking and kneading their little feet into my ribcage, the girls are off to work with daddy. With DS's, books, and a few leggos to keep them busy, they are ready for a half day hanging around Craig's office. It's a holiday for most of the employees, but for Craig he had some business to attend to and invited the girls to come along. Plus, they get to eat lunch at Subway!

I was ordered back to bed rest after my last appointment. My cervix, she explained, is looking like a 7 month cervix, when I am only almomst 5 months along. At this stage, I am on my side most of the day, but at least I can get up and shower and fix a quick lunch and snacks. Our dinner tonight, thanks to Natalie, will be her amazing (and I mean amazing) lasagna from our freezer. She gave it to us a couple days before she moved - we'll miss you guys!

We take each day as it comes! How else would it be done?! My husband is absolutely amazing, doing dishes, cooking dinner, helping with laundry, the girls, and still keeping his work schedule. I have a friend come in to help with keeping our jungle home clean - for this I am completely grateful!


Heffalump said...

Helping hands are great! You just keep up the resting and growing those precious baby boys!

Lene said...

The night of the fireflies sounds heavenly.
Rest and get those boys bigger.

donna said...

Fireflies are so cool.
How fun for your girls to hang out at Dad's office.!
I hope you are able to get lots of rest.
Hey do you have boy's name picked out yet?

Nicole said...

I have always longed to see real fireflies myself. My mother-in-law talks about how she remembered seeing them back in NY. (Tim's family is from upstate)
Glad to hear your doing ok & keeping those babies safe. Take care.

Marie said...

I have never seen a firefly. I am very jealous right now. That would have been so cool.

I'm sorry to hear that you are on your bedrest again. It must get so frustrating, but you are holding up like a jem. So positive. Your boys are lucky to have such a patient mother.

Jenny said...

Love the fireflies in the jar, it really is neat looking.

Hang in there with the bed rest.

Jenny said...

Love the fireflies in the jar, it really is neat looking.

Hang in there with the bed rest.

Amanda :-) said...

You've made me want to find out how fireflies do it! Haha!

Hmmm. Yes, do exactly as you're told, chicky. Having said that, I'd have never thought that lying on your side could correct/stave off a problem with your cervix. How clever are these doctors?! :-)

And I'm convinced your girls will come into their own once the boys arrive. A couple of priceless helpers you could never imagine, that's what they'll be!

Kim Sue said...

take care! love that firefly jar...that is so cool

Natalie said...

I hope the lasagna was everything you hoped for after all that build up! We're sure disappointed we didn't get to see you once more before we left, but things were just so hectic! Let's stay in touch, I'll miss you!