Monday, April 5, 2010

Renovations and Bunnies.

I am itching to come up with some clever name to call our new home. Something like our yellow nest, but what if we ever want to change the color? Perhaps my friends and readers have an idea for me? Nothing can beat the cute catchy name of our Acorn Cottage - but I can try - right?!

I am kidding myself if I told everyone that this move has been easy. I would also be lying if I told you that I am done unpacking and sitting back with the babies enjoying them grow-up. I am, however, still trying to unpack and put some order to our home. I am happy say that all the boxes are unpacked - now just where is everything going to go? Home layouts are so unique that it is almost impossible to neatly fit what was once in one home into another.

Our stairs are antique death traps, just waiting for someone to fall down them - like myself and the girls have already done. They do not meet the 10 foot code of standard home staircases. Which leaves the only way of bringing the large supplies for the attic renovation through the attic window!

Mr. T and Hawk on the right are now four months old. Hawk just turned over on his own this morning and Mr. T I found on his stomach in his crib late two nights ago. It won't be long before they will be getting into everything! These are their Easter outfits, which Craig says are a little girlie for his two boys to be wearing. But I say those smocked bunny jumpsuits are keepers.

The Easter bunny paid a special visit to our town in the village ambulance. I had to explain to the girls that he wasn't hurt and that he had to get to the Easter egg hunt somehow.

Nini and Cici are of different opinions as to greeting the Easter bunny or not. Nini put on her tough act and refused to make contact with him, and Cici overcame her shyness and gave him a big hug. When I came home and viewed the photos I took, I was excited to see that I captured this moment and their differences. No words needed! One more way they are so different!

Nini did have a blast finding as many eggs as she could, showing that she isn't all that tough!

Any more unique Easter bunny appearances?


donna said...

I don't know you do it. YOU are one super MOM!!!!!
i like the color Yellow.

Connie said...

I think it's funny that the Easter Bunny arrived by ambulance!

Your babies are so cute and I know what you mean about the twins being different from one another...mine sure were/are!

Your house looks like it will be a beautiful home for you. Yellow is my favorite color so I think the yellow nest is a great name - until you paint it!

Melinda said...

I wish I had some cute name for you but I don't. I will keep thinking though. Good luck with the renos.

The boys are so big and so darn cute.

Marie said...

I want to name our house too. I think it is so charming. But trying to top Acorn Cottage is a tall order, indeed.

I got you message! Thanks for calling. It is already about 10pm here, so it would be way too late to phone. I'll call you tomorrow. I can't wait to hear all about your busy life.

Jenny said...

Naming your house is a cute idea. I love Acorn Cottage.

Love that your Bunny came by ambulance.