Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keeping it real.

a sweet Christmas moment.

Every year, Mr C. and I tout that we will keep the holidays simple.    On Christmas we realize that we bought too many things, ate too much, and complain that we didn't keep things simple.  There's that word again!  Defining what keeping it simple means to our family was an important role in realizing this goal.  It isn't realistic to think that by adding baking, gift giving, party going, decorating, and the rest of our Christmas activities to our normal everyday life will somehow bring a more simplistic lifestyle to our holiday season.  This holiday has been more about keeping things real, then simple. 

Somewhere in the midst of diaper changes, bottles, and feedings is time to cuddle and tickle my little ones.  Somewhere between getting the girls to school and putting them to bed is a chance to watch them grow-up, to laugh together, and to spend time together.  Somewhere between obligations and appointments we come together as a family, playing games, decorating, and enjoying the smells, sounds, and tastes of this Christmas time. In the midst of all this season brings, we remember that Jesus Christ must be in the center of everything.  It is his birth and life that gives us, our family, the real joy of this Christmas time. 


Chrissy, said...

Well said.

donna said...


Natasha said...

beautiful post. thanks for the christmas card too!

Melinda said...

We have tried to keep it simple for the last couple of years and I love it. The kids don't notice that we bought way less also. So nice.

Marie said...

I got your card just now and came to say 'thanks' and then I got treated to this wonderful post too! Double thank-you.

The pictures on your card are great! The signs are a great idea.

Merry Christmas!