Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naptime Craft: Valentine Vase with glass beads

There is a chance that our house will be completely covered in snow by the 14th.  With this thought and small children running through our home, come lots of indoor time and lots of time to see that my home needs a little bit of {.love.}  I have lots easy crafts and decorations that I have been doing to keep me busy and doing something that isn't related to diaper changes!  My first {.love.} craft is cheap and very easy!  I've seen it done with red hots, but I already had these red heart and clear glass beads in my stock.  I purchased the vase, the white tulips, and a half round foam to arrange the flowers.  That's it!   You can put this on your table or like me, make your fireplace mantle it's home!

Stay tuned for more {.love.} on Tuesday...