Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Lone Icicle.

I walked outside mid-afternoon one day last week and walked down to get our mail.  I came back and fished around in our van for a couple of items and returned to our front entrance way.  I turned around to look at something and was momentarily captured by a bit of confusion.  There before my eyes was a large icicle hanging in the center of our telephone wires that cross our property to our house. 

It was quite a sight!  During a brief interruption in cold and snowy weather, New England a day that rose above freezing.  This icicle, which originally surrounded the power lines on the corner of our home (top right) broke free and slid down the line. It has since fallen to the ground. 


Elise said...

That is quite a sight and how great to have captured it on your camera.

I have really enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing all of the things your family has been up to. Your gorgeous girls certainly do look similar in the snow photos and your boys are adorable.

Elise said...

I meant to also say that my word for 2011 is balance too. Some weeks I achieve this and others (like this crazy week) I don't. But at least it is a goal I am working towards. I hope that you are getting to your crafting projects and having a little "me" time during those all too precious nap times.

linda said...

Things like this really amaze me. Very cool!