Friday, March 11, 2011

Mom's Artistic Photo Phriday.

I have over 15 photos of a water balloon fight my twins had last year.  I love everyone of them with their cute faces hoping they won't get hit with that water balloon.  One of my favorite photos was the one taken above.  I love all those tiny balloons piled in the basket and the way it reminds me of what the world behind the scenes of all great mom photography.  It took a good 40 minutes to fill those balloons, not to mention that I got completely soaked!  I didn't mind, but it was fun to have my own little photo of what it was like to fill all those balloons - plus, I think this would fit nicely into an abstract theme. 

Mom's you carry that camera with you to birthdays, church, soccer practice, out to eat, and shopping - to name a few.  Join me on Phridays (or Fridays) for an artistic interpretion of Mom's view of the world. 

Next week is St. Patrick's Day - if you want, while you're dressing your children in the latest green fab clothes or making a fun green filled patty's day dinner - snap a photo behind the scenes.  Make it abstract and tell us about it.  For example, you are making st patty day cookies and your hands have been colored green by food dye - take a photo of your hands with a short description.  Join me or not!  If you join me, make your own Mom Phriday Photo post and link to a happy heart blog.  Leave me a comment so your fellow artist mom's can look at your work -you photo-tastic mommy photographer you!

***Please remember that photos should be your own and the content G-rated, do I even need to say this!

Do you like photography?
What are your phavorite photo genres?
Why did I order girl scout cookies?!


donna said...

such a great idea...
I love taking pictures. I just wish i was good at it...

Melinda said...

I really enjoy taking pictures, I'm just not good at it. Jason has a really good eye for it.

crystal said...

That is a GREAT photo! It screams summertime.

And in response to one of your comments on my blog a week or so ago, YES! Let's journey together in writing! I would love to have someone to ramble on&on about it with!