Monday, March 14, 2011

Twins will go there separate ways.

My older twins did not see the floor of any shops until they were almost four years old.  There may have been a few speratic instances, but those were very rare.  The reason for my no floor  approach simply sided around the fact that twins, no matter how alike they are - will go there separate ways.  My last post talked about my UNO pizza experience and whether eating out is worth it or not.  I think it was clear that it isn't, unless you are very hungry!  I also had my own little drama on the way out of the retaurant.  I had my huge diaper bag and a babe holding each of my hands.  I kicked the front door open as no one was their to open it for us and we hobbled through before it could hit shut. 

A few steps later we were on the sidewalk of a very busy parking lot.  My diaper bag took that moment to fall from my shoulder causing our neat little expidition to take a mor dramatic turn.  The bag caused one of the boys to trip, which in turn left me with little alternative to help him up, get my diaper bag back on my shoulders.  Somehow, Mr. T broke from my hand and - yes - started to run.  With my diaper bag secure on my shoulder, and one boy hanging by one hand as I ran; I caught Mr. T seconds before entering the parking lot. 

I can easily picture many scenes like this with both sets of twins.  Here is a bit of what it is like with twins.  Luckily this day I my little Cici was a champ helping chase them down.  Enjoy!

Do you always use a stroller or cart?
Any fun stories to tell?


Peppermint Patty said...

He is so cute walking around like that! Just reading and watching keeps my clock from ticking! I would be a stressful mess. :/ You.Are.Awesome!

donna said...

Bummer.. I was unable to view the video..

austin said...

Very cute but looks like you have your hands full. Thank goodness for older siblings. A & Z were so helpful w/ Danica (and she was only 1 little one)! She's still a ball of fire though. I welcome all helping hands. :0)