Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Craft and Thrift


Making my children do what they are supposed to do after school is chaotic and hectic.  My craft project this week was to come up with a solution to there afterschool mumbles and jumbles.  A way for them to be in charge and for me not to crowd the evening with, "do this" "do that" - but "check your list and check it off when you're done"  -or something like that!  These chalkboard lists now hang on our kitchen wall right by the table.  This is where we crowd after school when we talk, collect homework, I start dinner, and the girls get their afternoon snack.  It's the perfect place.  Here's what I did:

1.  Small round chalkboards purchased @ Michaels.  They have different shapes!
2.  The chalkboards come with a black rope to hang up the signs.  I simply replaced it with my own choice of ribbon.
3.  Felt eraser.  I cut out a small heart shape out of felt and used the black rope that came with the chalkboards as the holder for the felt eraser.
4. Embellish. I used sticker letters, and tag it signs to embellish and personalize their chalk board.

more photos...


This tray was found for $10 by my MIL this last summer.  I turned it into a chalkboard (thanks to an idea in the pottery barn catalog) and hung it up on my wall.  It now hangs in my soon-to-be painted kitchen.  It was a very easy thrift to craft.   All you need is a cool old tray, some painters tape, and a can of spray-on chalkboard paint. 

What cool chalkboards to you have or have made?
Do you you use chalkboards in your home?
Can you stand chalk?


Lauralee said...

so cute! love it! I can't stand chalk- and to think I am a teacher. I am very grateful for white boards... I do like the look of the cute ones you've made!

Kimberly Harvey said...

Love this!!! I've been trying to think of a way to remind by kids to practice piano without nagging! I'm totally going to do this!!!

donna said...

such a great idea....