Friday, March 18, 2011

Mom's Artistic Photo Phriday.

Mom's you carry that camera with you to birthdays, church, soccer practice, out to eat, and shopping - to name a few. Join me on Phridays (or Fridays) for an artistic interpretation of Mom's view of the world.

Did you know that Leprechauns can write?  Nini made sure to set the trap on St. Patrick's Day Night to see if she could catch the big L's making mischief throughout our home.  It wasn't a shock when we woke up to find that the goodies we used to try to catch them were eaten and this fine note left for us.  I think it says it all.  This was my artistic impression of St. Patrick's Day.  Here's another artistic impression of this holiday taken in 2008 when I had more time and felt a lot more creative. Check out the post HERE. 

I'm a messy cook!

Next weeks assignment:  Tell me how you feel about Spring arriving!  For example:  You have been desperate to stop wearing your boots and just brought out your favorite flats - take a photo of them.  Is your yard blossoming yet - take a photo!  If you join me, make your own Mom Phriday Photo post and link to a happy heart blog. Leave me a comment so your fellow artist mom's can look at your work -you photo-tastic mommy photographer you!

***Please remember that photos should be your own and the content G-rated, do I even need to say this!

Do you have a St Patrick's Day tradition?
Are you a messy cook?


donna said...

So glad that Leprechauns made a visit to your home...

Lene said...

I am excited to join you for next friday.