Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living in an antique home: Painting, Fixing, and taking apart.

Owning an antique home can be very daunting.  From the floors to the ceilings, it seems that there is always something that needs to be fixed, taken apart, or just plain painted over.  We moved in last March 2010 to only a 3 bedroom home, with the third bedroom really being only the size of a closet!  We renovated the attic to create the girls room and we renovated a room off the kitchen which was being used as what is referred to as a "cold room".  Basically, a room with no insulation used for keeping things cold.  With all of the renovating, we were able to grow our home from a three bedroom home to a four, plus the room off the kitchen.

Right now, we have several projects going on.  The biggest is the renovation of this cottage.  Originally it was used as a storefront, housing the previous owners primitive crafts and art collection.  We collected all the neccessary permits and began renovating it, to be used a guest house.  Primarily the guest home of my mother-in-law - who is currently residing in the room off the kitchen.  Using big CAT tractors, they dug up our front lawn for a new septic system and water pipes from our home to the cottage.  Craig has been overseeing the contract workers and we've had plenty - electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.  Next up, is for Craig to insulate and install the walls. 

During this time, the toilet in the Master Bath cracked at it's base.  Apparently, it wasn't installed on level ground (who knew with this house!)  And as of two days ago, our downstairs bathroom started showing signs of water damage on the ceiling.  Again with the masterbath, the bath and shower unit's grout wasn't sealing the water and it was going in through small cracks to the bathroom below.  Fortunately, the plumber working on the cottage, was flexible and helped us solve these issues.  We have a new toilet and will get the grouting here this next week.  The water damage in the bottom bathroom damaged some great stencil work - so we are still figuring out what to do.

Our kitchen is being repainted - by - me!  Eventually!  We can't redo the kitchen yet - with new cabinets, floor, countertops and paint.  It's too expensive and way out of our budget right now.  I am going to hit all the "win a kitchen makeover" sites I can!  During the winter months, we painted this cabinet thinking we would get to it before the end of Spring.  It's still there.  Once these big projects are finished, we will resume the painting inside.  All the paints are antique colors - we were thinking the bottom color to the left - what about yoU - any thoughts?

The boys slept in their floral covered walled room for 14 months, until I found enough minutes in a year to peel the wall paper and paint it.  I love the color and are slowly putting things on the wall. 

It feels good to get these projects completed and it feels great that we are upkeeping a home that could easily become a product of the past.  It's walls must tell so many stories! 

Do you own an old home?
What do you prefer - old or new?
What do you think of our projects? 


Heffalump said...

Our home is old, but not super old. It was built in 1934. So...middle aged?
I think your progress looks great! I like the color you are looking at for the kitchen.

Wendi said...

Wow--sounds like a lot of work. It is going to be worth it though. I love your ambition!

Barb said...

Yes, I love the boy's room colour. I have never lived in an 'antique' home - I think I look at old homes very romantically and forget the work they require!

donna said...

Michelle~ I'm so excited you are getting the guest home ready for me to come visit.. : )
You do have a lot going on right NOW and I'm excited to see pictures of after you get done....