Friday, September 16, 2011

Things that make me smile.

Besides chocolate, being warm, Russell Crowe, murder mysteries, a good book, and a cheeseburger, this is what is making me smile now a days...

This candle has the most perfect smell I've ever smelled in a candle.  I dislike candles that are too strong, or too fruity - but this is it - the best smelling candle!  I purchased this from a local woman who definitely knows how to make something smell good!


I am in heaven with this photo.  The girls were sitting down outside (we often sit outside after school and let the boys run around) playing their DS games.  Mr. T was very interested.  Instead looking from the side, he basically scooted them apart and sat down in between them.  A perfect moment for me!

More things that make me smile - coming soon!

How are you?!
How are you dealing with your school routine?
Anything making you smile lately?


The perfect


donna said...

I'm still trying to get into the school routine. It has been a little hard, but i know things will get better..
Your blog always makes me smile :)

Lene said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting.