Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nini and Cici!

Waiting, to blow out their birthday candles while we sing to them!

I can't stop thinking about two fantastic little ladies that graced my life eight years and four months ago.  They were the sweetest babes I had ever seen, they were Ninia and Cici.  We had a pre-milestone birthday this year.  That year that comes right before a child's age becomes a double digit.  Thankfully, my 9-year old sweethearts still have one more year before the tenth birthday. 

Their 9th birthday lasted the weekend!  We had their friend party, a friend who had a birthday party, and our family party - all in three days.  They had a wonderful time at each event and are enjoying their each one of their birthday gifts.  Their favorites included the outfit that Cici has on -the scarf and headband!  A friend gave this to her and she just loves - so much so, she won't let me borrow that scarf!  Nini has been enjoying a couple lego kits she got and her very own cans of sliced olives! 

We also purchased a the new credit card monoply game.  Who has this?  You'll never go back to the "old" way of dealing out the money and sorting it!  I would have played monopoly a lot more if I had this version as a kid.

As some point during our family party, Cici opened one of those cards with a recorded song.  It was of Ariel's, Part of your World song from  Little Mermaid.   Hawk was so entranced by the music (he and Mr. T watch this all the time - it's their favorite) that he just stood their - like the photo- with his little hand on Cici's shoulder staring at the card.  It was a good five minute episode of pure cuteness!  
Treat and trinkets bag for party.

The girl's friend party was at a local movie theatre where they and six of their friends got to see  A Dolphin's Tail.  They also had cupcakes and pizza in the theatres movie room afterwards.  I personally, could not handle an at home party this year, and I am grateful for this option we had.  As a parting gift, I put together these bags with some fun candy and trinkets in it. 

Have you seen a Dophin's Tail?
Have you played the new monopoly?
Do you have like birthday parties away from home?


Melinda said...

Happy birthday to the girls!

My mom saw that movie and loved it. Absolutely loved it and said it was a must see.

donna said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girls.

a.k.a happy heart mom said...

Thanks Melinda and Donna! You're awesome :)

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

9? How did that happen?
I love the dolphin gift bags, such a clever idea!
I have done the whole b-day party at home and let me tell you, it is NOT any cheaper and a whole lot messier. I think the party room was a brilliant idea!

Happy Birthday girls Nini, Cici, and to you Michelle! This is also a HUGE celebration for you and your hubby; the anniversary of becoming parents. Now small thing!