Friday, November 25, 2011

Forget Me Not Photo Block.

Black-painted 2x6 block with decoupaged photo.

I was called to be the counselor in our Ward Relief Society over the activities.  It was a shock, since my little twin boys were still wreaking havoc in our RS meetings.  I wasn't sure if they were serious or not about me being put in this calling!  Thankfully, I work with a wonderful sister who is crafty and funny and is full of fun makes the work, a whole lot more fun!  As part of a winter activity, we put together a "Homemade Christmas" night.  One of the crafts was this Forget Not Photo Block, inspired by Dieter Uchtdorf's talk in general conference called Forget Me Not

The photo image can be found over at sweet Abby's blog called A Feathered NestWe used a 2x6 cut into 8" each pieces, then sanded and painted them black, decoupaged the photo onto the block, and hot glued ribbon around the block.  It sounds easy, because it was!  This activity could work on a large or small scale. 

Things we learned:  The blocks were cut, sanded, and painted (using prime+paint black paint) BEFORE the activity.  The decoupaging and hot gluing were completed during our two-hour activity.  We printed our photos @ the Target fast print station.  Make sure the photo is saved in a higher dpi setting so you can preserve the photos quality.  I used Adobe up the dpi setting. 

I just love how this activity came together with so many talented people.  From Uchtdorf's talk, to Abby's photo, to my husband's sawing efforts, and Shannon, Aimee, and Becky's painting! 

Leave your questions in the comment section if you have any! 

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donna said...

that is a great idea. I think i may tell my RS about that idea.
Oh and congrats on your new calling......