Wednesday, December 21, 2011

216 photos to one: a christmas card in the making.

It took 216 photos, approximately 100 sneers, oopses, sit downs, stop movings, and stop making faces - to get the photo that we used on the front of our Christmas cards this year.  Like last year, I was hoping on using our Happy Holidays signs, but we couldn't get the boys to even set it in their laps this year.  So we improvised and took it with a varying of antique chairs we had in our home.  My tripod was the photographer and my MIL held the photo button down.  The rocking chair on the far right was my grandfather's - quite the treasure in our home! 

The Making of our Christmas Card.

I used Cici to set up the shot.  This one turned out beautifully!

The next step was to get all our kids in their chairs and Craig and I
would come behind them.  By the time Craig and I came around, the
boys were already running away.

I thought that we would try these signs again this year.  Cici and Nini
weren't cooperating (although cute) and the boys wouldn't have it.

We tried several times to take this shot of Craig and I behind us, but
Mr. T wasn't having it.

The girls and I wait for Craig to get Henry who had escaped.

We had everybody settled in their chairs, but just as we were taking a
few good shots, Henry came over to see Mommy!

I totally forgot about this.  First this wasn't me - really!  Hawk had just
done his business - We should have used this on the back our cards
for our annual photo outtake!

There are at least 10 photos of Mr. T honking Craig's nose!
Almost there! 

This one made the cut! 
How many photos did it take for your cover Christmas photo?!
Whoever has the highest number wins!

I hope you have a very wonderful holiday!
Merry Christmas
from Michelle
@ a happy heart blog :)


Melinda said...

I got your card this week, it turned out so cute.

We only had 3 tried for our picture. We took it right after Livy's baptism and everyone was waiting for us so they could eat at the luncheon.

Barb said...

So picturesque with the red barn, green grass and white snow!

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

We took about 50 and I ended up photoshopn' nearly all of them. Where was my MIL to hold the shutter! I've heard that it takes 100 shots to get 1 good one. These are cute outtakes. :)

donna said...

Merry Christmas.. : )

Natasha said...

I loved getting your card in the mail, thanks!

Griffin was most uncooperative this year for me. He kept pouting and saying he was having a "bad hair day."

Heffalump said...

I have to say that one of the best investments we made was a remote to go with our Nikon. We set everyone up, and tell them to look at the camera, and then we use the remote to take the pics. You can set it as instant or a 2 second delay so you have time to get your hand back down before it takes the pic.
It's so much better than having to reset everything for each photo. There are still duds of course, but it goes much more smoothly!

Mikki said...

Beautiful pic(s)!
I didn't really do much this year for a Christmas pic. I snapped a few of the kids one day while we were out and about, and then did a collage with them. I haven't even sent it out yet. (still have to get it printed actually--talk about behind the times!)

Hope you have a warm and wonderful New Year!!!