Monday, December 12, 2011

3 things to share Monday.

photoshoot props

We were busy a couple weeks ago taking our Christmas photos.  Not an easy task, but out of about a 100 clicks - we did get one that will be on the front of our cards!  Here's a sneak peak @ our photoshoot props!

Hawk, me, and Mr. T

 Hawk and Mr. T both love to sit in my lap when I read them a book.  They both assume that they get the prime spot right in the center of my lap.  It's really cute to watch!  And even cuter, that they don't fight about it.  They both fit just perfectly - there favorite book right now is The Little Blue Truck.

Mr. T and Mr. C

Mr. T loves to help.  Thats Mr. Ruff Ruff on his right and that's Mr. C (aka daddy) on the right.  Mr. T was pivotal in helping get our Christmas Tree just right in it's stand.  I love this photo!

What is your favorite book you reading with your kids now?
Have you sent your cards yet?
How many photos did you snap before you got the right one!?


donna said...

I'm excited to see pictures from your Christmas photos shoot....

Lene said...

We have been reading Christmas stories every night. It's a fun Christmas tradition.

Oh Christmas cards...we aren't doing them this year. I still have a hard time saying that. It just isn't going to happen and I have to just let it go. Maybe Valentine Day cards?

I love the tree picture.

Melinda said...

That is the cutest picture ever of Mr. T and Mr. C! Blake and Ryan were both like that and still are. Love it.

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

I'm excited to see how your picture tuned out. We also went through about 100! Ive resorted to emailing my cards for the past few years, it's cheaper and cuts down on paper and time. Although I'm sure we disappoint a few great grandparents who still print us out.

Holly said...

I bet your snowy photo shoot turned out great! But brrrr!

We are late with our cards (as always) having just taken the photo Monday afternoon. I probably snapped close to a 100 too--thank goodness for digital!

Love the picture of two of your boys under the tree--so cute.