Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Memory Jars.

For the past two months, I have had a blast slipping in pieces of paper with little memories created by our little crazy family.  From Mr. T flying across the couch in his first superman stunt, to dear friends stopping-in to say HI; it's all in our little 2012 Memory Jar.  The idea:  Anytime you have a fun moment you want to record, find a slip of paper, write it down, and slip into your Memory Jar.  During the year on special days, or on New Year's Eve, read the memories you created together as a family.  

You'll need a candle stick, metal lid, and a wooden handle.  I used gorilla glue to bond the mason jar with the candlestick and did my best job painting it a turquoise antique finish.  You can bond the top with gorilla glue or fastened it with a screw from the bottom of the lid up into the wooden piece.  These candlestick jars also make great candy holders!  Or, just grab in jar and start recording those memories!

Check out these awesome memory jars using photos, I found on Pinterest!
Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

What are some unique ways you keepsake your memories?


Cristin said...

We do keep little ephemera jars...but nothing as adorable as yours! I mostly keeps little tickets, receipts and things we do...I love that you are writing down everyday memories.

I especially love the example at the bottom [with the butterfly]. So sweet...

Melinda said...

I got this for my bday. It is really fun to do.