Sunday, February 12, 2012

This is me after my first 2 mile run of 2012.  I should premise this by saying that my running for 2011 - probably equaled that number, but I won't!  I've been talking a lot about how I just can't find the time to run:  too dark, too tired, too late etc...  So many people around me have inspired me to get going, to make that one last effort to get out the door and run, baby, run. My goal this week is to run two miles at least five times this week.  That would make my weekly mileage 10.  This week it's all about starting a routine, not the distance.  The distance will come later - this time, I'm sure of it!

Are you a runner?
When did you start running?
What was your original goal?
What is your goal now?


donna said...

Way to go Michelle. : )

Carolee said...

Awesome!! I am not a runner and admire anyone who is:)

ST said...

I love that you are picking up my favorite sport! My love for running started sloooooow. As in spanning over a decade, just a lot of 5K’s for years and years. I honestly think one day I got bored and decided to do a half marathon. Even after that I didn’t love running. I combined my love for running and traveling together—it became more fun. I also like seeing how much I’ve improved over the years. My first goal is to keep on loving running and not get injured. Second: do well enough in marathons I can qualify for the daddy of all marathons: Boston! Keep it up, your heart and body will thank you.

Melinda said...

Way to go on running! Running has always been my first love but it doesn't always work to go running with small kids as you know. I hoping to be able to do my first 5k this summer. Good luck!