Thursday, September 6, 2012


Including Cici and Nini in some fun horseshoe barn art!

Sometime ago, Mr. C and I were living in Virginia agonizing over our future; which, at the time, was completely different than we had expected.  We were childless, both working, and living far from family.  I look back on these times and can now see, that even in this time of difficulty, we were happy.  We were happy because we worked together, we enjoyed each others company, and we were certain that someday we would be parents and in a situation that was more what we had hoped.   I suppose to be technical, this was faith.  

Working hard at this Barn Art thing.
 Faith has helped me greatly be more positive and more open to change and the everyday's of life.  It's hard to be positive all the time, but knowing that there is more to our lives than what we can see - gives me hope and direction.  I have worked hard to focus on things that bring me up and make me happy. I think the hardest days to be positive are the ones when outside influences like the weather, other people's moods, sickness, fussiness, feeling overworked (and under-appreciated); are louder and stronger than positive influence.  This is when I need faith the most.  It helps me see that not everyday will be like yesterday and not every moment will be wrapped up on hardship.   Over Labor Day weekend, our family spent a lot of time at home. 
Teddy's new sword (it's already been chewed up by his brother though-oops)
This Labor Day weekend was one of those feel-positive days.  While we did a lot of work around the house, there were so many moments of peace, joy, and quiet!  One of the things that has provided some of my favorite memories and positive experiences is watching my children play - and play together :)  They are constantly wrestling, squilling, running, and playing - the sounds are music to my ears (except maybe when they take it inside for too long!) 

Spending time outside this summer has been my second favorite peace and positive experience; whether it be the sun, the wind, the first of the fall leaves falling, the fun of exploring our property, gardening - they all have brought great peace into my life.  Check out some my favorite places:

The Corn Crib.

The Sun.

The old Wagon.

The stone walls that line our property.

Cool car racing tracks (aka wagon wheel rims)

First fall leaves.

The Wagon.
I am positively certain that having faith and finding joy is the only way to survive motherhood!  It may not be quiet, and it's not perfect, but life is happening right now and I positively will remember to have faith always - and eat some chocolate now and then :)

What about you?

Has faith helped you?
How do you stay positive?

Have a great day!
Michelle :)


Shannon Gillman Orr said...

Faith has helped me through many a gray day, bot literally and figuratively! It helps me the most when the inner "Loser" monologue starts. Faith reminds me again and again, to be happy just as I am.

Melinda said...

I am so grateful for faith! It's what's getting me through life right now.

donna said...

I'm also very Thankful for Faith as well....
Great pictures....

Twins Squared said...

I think maintaining a sense of humor really helps too! Some days that is easier to do than others.