Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hoop Art.

On-going hoop art display in upper landing of our home.

I would like to apologize to my blog followers who have dined day after day on the few measly posts I've been able to scrape together.  Getting the most out of summer has played a toll on blog post time! Honestly! Let me just jump right in and start sharing a project I have loved putting together.  Hoop Art is such a fun way to display old fabrics and quilts; fabric scraps; and vintage clothing.  Each hoop was put together using scraps, clothes, quilts, and vintage embroidery.  The hoops were given to me, but are generally not too expensive and can be found in second-hand shops for a minimal cost.

The large yellow hoop art was actually a skirt that was too big. Instead of giving it away, it became the focal point of my art.  The two multi-fabric quilt stars were purchased at a flea market.  The vintage  rose embroidery was from my grandmother and given to me by my parents in a thick frame (working on a 2nd one to hang-up).  I took it out washed it carefully and repurposed it in my hoop art collection.  The other fabrics were fabric scraps.  

There are more fantastic ideas for using hoop art on Pinterest - here are some of my favorites!

Source: via Amie on Pinterest

Source: via Corley on Pinteres
 Source: via Kyley on Pinterest 

I hope these pins give you some ideas for your own Hoop Art!


Melinda said...

Oh wow, I love this! AND, I think it is something I could actually do, the one in the first picture. It's just material in the hoops right? It is so cute and a great idea.

Twins Squared said...

Really cute idea for decorating!

Michelle Alley said...

Melinda - yes! It's just different fabric secure easily into the embroidery rings! Easy peasy! :)