Friday, January 11, 2013

Throwback Friday: 2007 Montreal First day of Kindergarten

Welcome to Throwback Friday!  I love Fridays and I love looking back at all posts and photos written on this blog!  It makes me very happy :)  Can you believe how young these two girls are in these photos?!  Enjoy :)
First day of school photo 2007.
Can you find both of them?
Don't they look like little missionaries!
Nini reunited with Cici at end of day!

The girls are officially kindergartners! It's been so fun planning and preparing for their first full day of school; but I have to admit, I've been really nervous about them be away for so long. Their first day of "practice school" was Friday, and my stomach was doing twist and turns, it was quite the feeling. Yet as soon as we approached the school grounds, I was immediately comforted because of the girls excitement. I guess that's all I was hoping!

Since the girls did so well together in pre-k and because of our moving around, I was pretty adamant that the girls be put together. I was told by the school that they do not allow twins to be put together in the same class. I got on the phone and began talking to one of the assistants in the office about my choice to put them together. I could hear her being coached by someone in the background as to what to tell me - she can't speak for herself?

Anyway, after a minute or so of back and forth, I said to the woman on the other line that it's "My choice as a parent, to put them together", she quickly said, "Well hold on". The next thing I know I'm talking to the principle of the school, who I'm sure was the other woman's coach. She also reiterated the schools stance on twin separation and I spoke my choice clearly. After some back and forth, I said, "So you are telling me that as a parent, I don't have a choice?" She finally said, "Ok, Ok, I'll put them in the same class". I was grateful that she agreed, however, I wasn't thankful for the way in which I had to talk her into it. It should be the parents choice, not the schools.

With all that conversation, the girls ended up in two different classrooms. On the practice days, they were put with different teachers to see how they would do, and after observing them with the other kids; I, in the end, felt it would be a good idea to separate them. All that work! But, I feel good about it, because I made the choice.

School Bus Pizza

The school bus pizza was created out of a no yeast pizza dough (simply because I ran out of yeast), rolled, and they cut into the bus shape. I put the bus on a cookie sheet and let the girls load the pizza with what they wanted. It was a lot of fun! I meant to take off their white shirts before they spread the pizza sauce and oops, lets just say I have a bit of stain checking to do!

The party table!
This game was all about how many crayons they could get into the crayon box.
Nini playing Pin the wheel on the bus.
The only problem with planning this party is I didn't have much time to get everything together without making a disaster out of our kitchen. Tuesday morning we had to go to the uniform store and get two vests and their gym uniforms with their school's crest on it. The girls go to a public school, but this particular school they go to is pretty particular about what they wear. Unfortunately this part of their uniform won't be ready for 2-6 weeks. Yikes! We then went to the grocery store and headed home for lunch. The girls had practice school at 1:15 to 3:15, which meant I had only about an hour and a half to go to the dollar store and the office store. We walked home from school, which meant only a short time until everything had to be pulled together for our family party.
These animal erasers came in a 3-pack at the $1 store. I used these for our game prizes. They are really cute and a fun "school-time" surprise.

Any parties planned?
How do you feel about twins separated or not?

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donna said...

so fun to look at the photos of your girls, they were so little... I think that was about the time i started to read your blog....
LOVE your school bus pizza....