Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Craig is in photo number one sporting his very stylish snow suit!  He's handsome and ready to snow blow the massive snowfall that we received in last weeks Nor Easter. Just the day before I was dreaming of spring and enjoying the lovely ground beneath my feet - the next morning we woke to thirty inches of snow.  We rode the storm safely and enjoyed lots and lots and lots of family!

Taking you to photo number two, you see my smiling happy children enjoying the snow!  What you don't see is the crying that took place minutes after the photo because Hawk's hands (little guy on the right) were too cold.  Poor guy just can't enjoy the outdoors in weather minus 70 degrees - yet who can blame him?

Frosty the snowman in photo number three, was the result of an earlier snow storm more around Christmas time. My twin boys would wake-up looking for Frosty every morning and sing to him.  The poor guy melted around the New Year and hasn't returned.

While I love walking on ground covered in grass and leaves, I enjoy those moments after a snowstorm when the snow is untouched.  The snow is still light and fluffy and just gorgeous.  In photo number four, I've made my footprints in the snow and looked back to see the sun glistening brightly on the snow making tree shadows. 

Until next time my friends!
Michelle :)


donna said...

wow you have been getting lots of snow... US not so much... We only had two days of snow all winter, and we didn't get that much...

Melinda said...

30 inches? Wow! And I'm so sorry! That is a ton!

Janet said...

Hello! i just happened to stumble upon your sweet, happy blog.. :) What an amazing amount of snow!! It looks like alot of fun to play in, but looks mighty cold, as well!! :) We don't get very much snow.. at all, where I live.. :) Please feel free to stop by my blog, if you like. Please email me or comment, so, I will know you stopped by. Take care and have a great day, janet raindropsaresweet.blogspot.com

Marie said...

30 inches overnight??? WOW! |Now there is a real storm! glad you made the most of it, and I hope you're getting some spring by now.