Sunday, August 11, 2013


Corn Crib and Barn on our property :)
It has been impossible to really put into words how I have felt this past year.  There have been so many ups and some downs- but through both, so many changes.  When Craig lost his job in October of 2012, I was certain that it wasn't going to take long for Mr. C to find a new job.  Through every week and eventually months, I realized that this wasn't going to be a short process.  It took four months for both of us to realize that our dream of staying in New England may come to an end.  It took that long for us to grasp that Craig needed to look for a job in other areas. 

So he did.  He was offered a job in April.  We were open for moving and open for this job to work out - but we just weren't feeling good about it.  Everything should have made us jump at the offer; but after prayer and a trip to the temple, we were both certain and comfortable about turning the offer down.  It was so agonizing.  The experience helped me come to terms with moving and leaving our home.  I knew I could do it and do it with a good attitude!  It also showed me that even when we think we know what we want, it may not always be the best for us.  Two months later, Craig received an offer from a different company - which he did accept.

It's been two and half months since he moved to Missouri to start his new job.  While I am here in New England keeping our beautiful house beautiful and ready for a buyer!  There is little movement in our area, but I am crossing my fingers and praying a lot.  I know there must be a family, just like ours, who dreams of living in New England and wants our home - they just don't know it yet!

We took two weeks to check out our new area and are really getting excited about it.  We feel blessed that Craig is working, blessed to know that Heavenly Father is looking out for us and knows what we need, and blessed to know that so many people are praying for us.  Thank you!  


donna said...

I'm so glad that craig was able to find a job. I have a few friends that husbands have been out of work for a while.. Just unable to find any work... They are now looking out of the state and as well..

I know it's always a little scary to move to a different state... My Dad moved a lot when i was growing up.... and All that matter to me was that our family was together... and your family will also be together.. : )

Good luck in selling your home....

Michelle Alley said...

Thanks Donna!

Lene said...

I am so glad that Craig has found a job and is working. It must be so hard to be in New England while he is working in the mid-west. I hope your house sells soon and you can all be together.