Monday, October 1, 2007

A Pollyanna Personality.

I have to admit something that I've been meaning to say for a long time - I'm a closet Pollyanna. What does this mean? Well, I've seen pollyanna-type people ridiculed for their bubbly 'must find something good in all' attitude. I like to play the glad game....yes, I admit it! Afraid of being ridiculed for my pollyanna-type perspective, I've kept this to myself until now. What brought me to this admittance, well, I can't hide who I am-can I?

We watched Pollyanna last night as a precursor to our family time (FHE). It was great to see this movie again, and I was reminded of how much I related to Hayley's Mills character when I was a little girl. I remember really wanting to go to the carnival with her and be given one of those huge pieces of cake she ate. My mom says it's the Russian in them, but my girls have always had an underlying discontent with the way they deal with life. Granted they are only five, but it's been so prominent that I can't ignore it any longer. We are inducting into our communication with them a type of Pollyanna philosophy. This is something we've always tried to teach them, but at least now we have a visual example to show them.

It's too soon to tell whether or not it will work, but we already played the glad game this morning hoping to avoid a fit, and I'm happy to say it was avoided. Here are five things that I learned from Pollyanna:
  1. See the good in people first.

  2. Gladness is a way of being not of acting.

  3. Ask honest questions, and honest answer will be given.

  4. Never accept someones failures as failures, but as chances to help and serve.

  5. There's a time to help and a time to accept help from others.

Not to let SPT go this week the two things I like to do to "Fall into fall" is watch movies and organize. We don't have much extra room in our house, so I'm converting the wine room they built with this house into my craft room. I purchased this Ikea desk on casters and will be placing my sewing table on it for easy access. While organizing, or making a mess with my home, I usually put something on to keep me going and enjoying the process. Today it was Colin's Pride and Prejudice - ahhh love! btw - sorry for the no make-up, don't want to scare anyone.

Are you a pollyanna?
Do you make fun of pollyanna personalities?
Do you watch TV when you clean?
Does Organizing ever stop!?


Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

You're so funny! Maybe my boys are part Russian! ha! We seem to have problems with negative outlooks and attitudes and it's very discouraging...we even talk EVERY NIGHT about the 3 things they are grateful for that day...and still. Maybe I spoil them too much, but I feel impressed to watch Pollyanna myself, because I feel the same as you. If only the kids would pick up on it!!!

You are beautiful NO MATTER WHAT! Good to see that bright, happy face!

Wendi said...

Great attitude! I need to be more of a Pollyanna. Thanks for the reminder. I don't make fun of them, I seek them out!

Yay for Pride and Prejudice. So good.

Marie said...

I need to rent Pollyanna. I watched it as a little girl, but the only thing I can remember about it now is that she fell out a window. Is that even the right movie?

You look great in your SPT. I recognized the movie in the background immediately. I watched it last night!

Kelly said...

I have actually never seen the movie Pollyanna, but I think I do have pollyanna tendencies. And definitely agree with Barb -- Marie is your girl! Through and through.

crystal said...

Ahhh, Pride & Prejudice. Best movie in the universe. Good choice! And go you for organizing!

Chrissy, said...

I don't always read your blog(I wish I could it's so good) I'm so glad I stopped by! Pollyanna is one of my altime favorite movies! I watch it all the time. I didn't even put it in my profile because I didn't want everyone to think I was weird! (I know I should have more self confidence.) I always play the glad game and I have often been told I have alot of enthusiasm! I don't know if they mean it as a complement but that how I look at it!

I never clean with the TV. I never even watch T.V. until the kids are in bed. I know I'm boring!

Organizing is a life long process. My husband says that if I would just clean out one thing a day I would be so organized. He is the organized one in the family. I think it comes in you when your born you have it or you have to remind your self to get!

donna said...

I haven't watched Pollyanna forever. We have the dvd. I bought at Target. I need to have my kids watch. Thanks for the reminder.
I sometimes watch TV while i clean. But i listen to my ipod more. I love to sing.

You look great :)

Jill said...

Your big secret is out! I don't think I'm a Pollyanna-type personality, but definitely have tendencies and the desire to be more consistently kinder.

I love watching movies while I work in my scrapbook room. It's a never ending project in here so that gives me lots of time for movies!

carlo said...

i am a pollyanna, though i have never seen the movie!

i love that you watch tv while you organize. i tend to blank out when i am watching tv-- something about being too comfortable, I think!

i have much to organize though so i should really try it. i don't think the organizing ever stops!

carlo said...

and about your girls-- good luck with it all. you are such a great and caring mom. your "lessons" are creative and thoughtful-- i have to believe they will pay off.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

I JUST posted pictures of Kate in her new sweater! Check it out!

Lauralee said...

you are such a great mom.. what a creative way to get them to think/act differently!

I dont' think I have ever watched Pollyanna.. so I wouldn't ever make fun of that type.. I think I might be a little like that.. people think I am always happy.. not so true.. I am a happy person, but everyone has their moments!

organizing.. it never ends..

tv.. I don't watch tv until after kids are in bed.. okay, well maybe if I am really tired, or really bored, but I can't concentrate with the tv on..

Amanda :-) said...

I've NEVER seen Pollyanna! Hayley Mills annoys me a bit, but I do like her in 'Whistle Down the Wind'. I should make an effort to watch Pollyanna, however, as this is the THIRD TIME this week that someone's mentioned Pollyanna to me, and now it's getting a bit *Twilight Zoney* - ooOOooOOooOOooh!

Hurrah to getting a craft room! Good luck with getting the girls to look on the bright side of things!

(I tend to listen to the radio when I'm doing housework. Then I don't have to keep glancing over at a screen. BBC Radio 4 is good for book reviews, short plays and the good old staple 'Woman's Hour'!)

Mandy said...

I like that you have Pollyanna in your heart and spirit. I wish I had more of that in me.

Melinda said...

I love that movie. I watched it all the time growing up! I really want to watch the pride and prejudice next.

I can't watch tv while cleaning. It is too distracting. Hope everything went well this weekend.