Monday, December 3, 2007

Winner, SPT, and snow-snow-snow-snow....

We woke this morning to what I would classify as a whole heap of snow, literally. An hour south of us, it snowed maybe two inches, but on Montreal Island we had 14 inches of snow fall from the time we went to bed to 7:00 a.m. It's now late on Monday, and it's still snowing! My SPT this week is a bit different than Lelly's challenge, but because I couldn't get out to purchase the things I needed to make my Christmas card holder - I'll show you what I was doing instead! This is me having just fallen in the snow, something I like to do and it let the girls see how silly mum can be. I took this photo right as I hit the snow!

This picture is indicative of what Montreal looks like in the winter. We had no bread in our cupboards, so I packed the girls and I in our snow gear and we walked to the store. On the way was this huge pile of snow that was being used as a suedo snow sledding hill. They didn't have school today, which I found out after walking them to school! Heaven's sake - hasn't Montreal dealt with snow before? I guess it's the quick and massive amounts of snow that threw the city off, plus the clean-up alone they are saying is going to be about $17 million!

So, now, for the winner of the star box Christmas giveaway - I am such a fan of Christmas music, Ave Maria, O Holy Night, Mary's Lullaby - all of them are so beautiful. Handel's Messiah is a master piece and who wouldn't get chills listening to the Hallelujah Chorus! I chose the winner based on your comments and whether or not you picked my favorite Christmas song - Crystal - you are the winner! Why? Well, my favorite all time Christmas song - the one I love to play on the piano and sing is: Angels We Have Heard on High! I just love this hymn and have always felt that it should be sung at every church meetings during the holidays. Playing the piano at church can get a bit monotonous, but with this hymn - it's always fun to play. What do you think of this song?

Tomorrow, I will post today's crafts I finished. Since I couldn't get side-tracked by doing any errands and the girls didn't want to play outside all day - I got a few crafts completed that I've been wanting to finish - can't wait to post about them!

Are you working on any Christmas crafts?
Have you sent your Christmas cards? I haven't!

Next Christmas giveaway starts on Friday!


crystal said...

Hey! I just read that I won this fabulous contest! How fun that we think alike on our favorite carol. I seriously canNOT accept that tiny box, though. You are not allowed to give that precious box away! Especially since you have the matching one! Send me a fabulous card instead :)

You are my favorite Christmas blogger, with your stories & festive giveaways.

lelly said...

what a fantastic spt! i LOVE the expression on your face...

donna said...

LOve "Angels We Have Heard on High". I just love all Christmas songs. The kids and ryan having been playing a lot of christmas song on the piano all week.

OH you got lots of snow girl:)

Oh email me your address. I need to mail you a christmas card:)

Amanda :-) said...

I'm impelled to re-listen to your favourite hymn, as I hadn't really given it much notice. It takes something like this for you to 'revisit' an old familiar with new ears.

Look at your little beany head! That's so funny, Michelle!

Lauralee said...

that is a ton of snow! how fun..
Are you working on any Christmas crafts? hopefully no more!
Have you sent your Christmas cards?nope!

Lucy said...

I can't believe I missed the contest. Well, I can..being a new reader and all...but very fun. I love Angels We Have Heard on High too. I was forever changed when we sang Mack Wilberg's arrangement of it my freshman year of college. Those ascending Gloria's still give me the chills.

Holy Snow Batman! 17 million dollars? At least you can still get around by sleigh!:)

Barb said...

Cute self portrait. I remember snow like that when I was a child, but maybe it was just my childhood perspective.

carlo said...

what a wonderful giveaway! angels we have heard on high is a lovely song, to be sure.

we usually send new year cards and i have no idea what i will do this year. yikes!

my current state has me down on the couch with little interest in crafting, sadly.

Claudissima said...

hey what a terrifc picture of you in the snow..but that mountain, seriously can i have a