Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The 5 best times to stub your toe...

Time #1: While carrying something extremely important, such as a baby or large plate of food.
Time #2: While people are watching you or in public place.
Time #3: A couple months after breaking your baby toe - be sure to stub it in the same place.
Time #4: Right after you hit your head on an open cupboard.
Time #5: When you've only been awake for 30 seconds.

And yes, all of these have occurred in my life, if not this month, - #3 - just this weekend. I'm still in pain!

The girls and I traveled to Vermont today to have the girls see a pediatrician. The medical system in Montreal is so bad, that not even my friend who's a doctor can find a pediatrician. I am fortunate that I have a doctor that we can use in an emergency, but it was time for them to have a good yearly check-up. It was fun to hit the mall by the doctor's office and chow on some very missed Taco Bell tacos, but I wasn't impressed with the pediatrician they saw, like I have been with the infertility center in the same city. I think I'll stick to my resources up in Montreal. We left around 10 and got back around 6:30 p.m. I was perturbed that I missed the post office by 5 minutes, I had some goodmail I wanted to send out - next time! It was about four hours of driving. When we got home the girls were ready to run, Nini even pulled out her tennis shoes and hit my treadmill at 2 miles per hour! Cici was just happy to twirl around!

SPT to follow soon Lelly!

How far would you go for a good doctor?
Any "times" I should add to my stubbing your toe list?


donna said...

Glad you were able to get some good old USA tacos from taco bell :!!!!!!!

I have travel about 4 hours for a good DR!!!!!!

Chrissy, said...

Finding a good ped or any doctor is hard it seems. I think a 30 min dr. is reasonable. I have a feeling you drove quite a bit longer?
I just clicked over to your hats! I love them I would love some for my girls. I was thinking of a hat and adding a silk flower on it with a clip. I like the crochet flowers too. I would love love love some leg warmers too. I think I should learn how to do it! I didn't see prices? Let me know
Hope your toe feels better!

Marie said...

I have been very lucky and have liked nearly all the doctor's I've used. All local to where I am living at the time.

Your poor toes! That list is funny. I hope the baby didnt get dropped!

Melinda said...

I acutally have 2 drs offices just right across the street by the hospital but I drive to Orem for my drs. They are horrible here.

Taco Bell is always a good thing to have!

You sound like my sister when it comes to stubbing your toe. She has been to the er serveral times because of her toes!

Amanda :-) said...

I'm virtually falling over nurses and doctors in our church - they're everywhere! But they are soooo loathe to comment on anything medical 'out of hours' or out of their 'jurisdiction', they might as well not be there :-(

That's a huge journey you did. But I suppose, for our children, we'd travel any distance. We're they both tickety-boo?

I've never stubbed my toe. But my brother plays football all the time and has mashed his toes up something rotten. Everyone calls them 'Twiglet toes' (do you have those there?) They're just disgusting. Hope your pain eases off soon.

Amanda :-) said...

Tut. I put an apostrophe in Were. I feel awful about that...

Mandy said...

Your poor toes. I am often stubbing or breaking mine too, and yes, usually in front of someone else. I like an audience! :)

I like Ry's pediatrician for the most part. He was actually Josh's pediatrician and that's why we went to him. He is a bit old fashioned and I have some issues with him, but for the most part, we love him.

Nikki said...

Wow- that's some distance to go for a doctor. So everyone here in the US who says that we should have the same medical system as Canada is off their rocker? I really like having a doctor close by. You're a good mom to go such a distance and take such good care of your kiddos.
Maybe you should start wearing shoes around the house. :)