Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The 25th hour - SPT.

With all the things I would like to do in this life, I found it hard to decide exactly what I would do if I had a 25th hour. Did you find it hard to decide too? This timed self portrait is one of my most truthful photos, as there are several elements in it that describe what I would do in my 25th hour.

#1 - Curl my hair. Yes, I have very straight fine hair, apparently I have lots of it, but when it's this fine it doesn't make any difference.

#2 - Put my make-up on. Personally, I love make-up. I can see the difference when I don't wear it, especially now with my current age! This morning it was all about at least taking a shower before getting the girls to school, the mascara was put on in the car on the way.

#3 - Wash my shirt. Yes that is some sore of stain on the front of my shirt. I tend to wear a shirt that feels comfortable several times before washing it, it's raining and windy here, to I often don't feel the need to dress-up, as it were. I don't like to lounge in sweats, but at least I could do my laundry once a while.

#4 - File. -I hate, hate, hate to file, just as much as I hate, hate, hate to put the dishes away. So if I had 25th hour, I would file - or would I?

#5 - Learn Html - I have decided I am more predisposition to being a computer geek, than anything else. There is something about learning how to write code, that makes me giddy. If I had a 25th hour in my day, I would absolutely learn html, and make millions on designing web pages!

#6 - Play Beethoven - My mousepad is reminder to me that I've been neglecting my piano playing. I have written a couple songs that I've wanted to get into the computer, and poor beetheven, hasn't been played in this house for a good month. In my 25th hour, I would write music like Beethoven!

#7 - Fix those bags - This falls under the category of a magic pill, but if I had a 25th hour and a magic pill, those bags that appeared when I turned 30, would disappear!

#8 - Launch my Etsy shop - This has been something I've been wanting to put together, but felt I had too much on my plate to do it, but than I thought, why not! It's worth a try! I didn't do this in my 25th hour - but this is where I've been instead of posting:

Did you do your SPT?


Heather S. said...

I'm not familiar with SPT. What is it?

I'd sure love a 25th hour. That would be so nice....ahhh, if only.

michelle said...

This is a great SPT! Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was that 25th hour! :) I love your Etsy store! I am going to be e-mailing you! :)

donna said...

Great spt!!!!
Oh i would love to have very straight hair :)

Emmanuelle said...

Well, I was late to do my STP, it semms I would have need an extra hour for it. Now Have read your STP, I just realize I would have many more thing I would love to do during this hour !!!! I want to learn about htlm also but I never find the time for it. I don't need just one extra hour but many extra hours ;-)

jenny said...

Love the SPT and good for you starting a Esty shop. Good luck!!

Barb said...

Umm, what bags?
Congratulations on launching your etsy shop! The leggings are adorable.

carlo said...

yay for your launch!

what great choices you have for your 25th hour.

i too have straight (and fine) hair so i know where you are coming from

Amanda :-) said...

Blimey, all those little faults you pointed out in yourself - I didn't even see them! I had to keep scrolling back up to the image to check 'what stain??' 'what bags??'.

I love the colour of your wall, by the way!

Now to browse your Petal Patch! *rubs hands excitedly*
I love that you're doing this! Good luck with all of it. xx

Lauralee said...

adorable shop.. cute leg warmers.. too cute!
ouch on the toe.. hope it heals soon!

Mandy said...

Fantastic etsy shop. I want to order some things soon!

Kim Sue said...

with every SPT I read, I only add more things to my "I want to do" list. Great list and good for you for getting "the petal patch" up and going!

lelly said...

YAY for the petal patch!!

wow - learning code seems so ambitious to me. i'm such a point and click and cut and paste kind of girl!

Melinda said...

I have the same problem with my hair. I would love to have it curled once in a while!

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to check out your shop. This was a fun spt.

Marie said...

Congratulations on your Esty shop. I looked around a little and loved it! You are a very talented lady.

And I would never be inspired to learn computer code. I would be lost instantly, and thus, frustrated instantly. I'm sure that learning it would open brand new windows though.

Holly said...

This was a neat spin on the 25th hour--love it! So, writing code makes you giddy? My brain would sizzle. Or go numb.

Hooray for your Etsy shop!!!

charity said...

hey how do I visit your store? I would love to check it out! Nice SPT! I love it!

Scribbit said...

That's why I wish I could exist on less sleep--I could use an extra hour every day.