Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why I can't stop smiling!

This week turned out to be a really great week. From getting my goal done of launching my etsy shop, to a nice weekend at our cabin, there were a lot of things to smile about. I felt pretty grumpy this week though, which made me want to make this list even more. I just hate feeling unappreciative of all the good things. Some of you wonderful bloggers have asked about starting your own smile list, and I would say to that, smiling is for everyone!

1. I launched my Esty shop. No one has bought anything off of it, but I don't mind much as I am just happy that it's up!
2. My sister told me that she is hopeful her and her family can come and visit this fall.
3. Craig has plans to travel soon, but since my discovery of the Gilmore Girls, at least I know that I can do on my down time - I'm on the 8th episode of the first season!
4. We are in the middle of planning a trip to Portland to see family and down to California and Disneyland - a very welcomed winter vacation - I'm just looking forward to sun, at least in CA!
5. I am finally feeling better, some congestion, but I think I'm ready to venture outside to exercise this next week.
6. I was happy to be able to get 14 miles on the treadmill.
7. I am feeling a difference in how snug my clothes used to fit, and how well they fit now! I've even picked up some weights.
8. I made a lunch date with two friends for Monday. We're eating Vietnamese food downtown - yummy!
9. Despite really cold and windy weather, we had beautiful sunny days and although, I wouldn't want to spend much time outside in it, at least my windows show nice bright light.
10. I prepared 7 packages to send for goodmail and have failed twice at sending them, including one of the packages contents being devoured by one of my dogs! However, Craig and I are planning what we've coined our "Voting Roadtrip", to go into NY and get our vote in for Romney. Because we have a property in NY, we were able to send our voting registration to the county of our cabin. We leave right after droppin off the girls, go to the post to mail my good mail, vote, and hopefully get some lunch in, before 3:30 - so we can get the girls in time for school's end. (I'm not giving up on my goodmail!)
11. Tuesday, I received a lovely card in the mail from Carol - Thank you! 12. Wednesday, Jenny sent this wonderful goodmail, based on this post. Thank you so much, it was such a wonderful surprise!
13. And, Maria totally shocked me with this goodmail on Thursday. My smile post last Sunday about Raspberry pies, inspired her goodmail thoughfulness! The best thing about it is, was the Canadian post sent it in basically a day - now that's fast! Thank you Maria, we picked some pies and hot cocoa up on our way to our cabin on Thursday - your goodmail was really good!

14. Tonight we'll sleep a bit safer, now that I bought a new smoke dectector and carbon monoxide dectector.
15. We drove to our cabin Thursday night, since Craig had the day off on Friday.
16. When we drove up to the cabin that night, we realized that a tree had fallen 75 feet from our cabin. There have been some huge wind storms, and we felt very fortunate that it didn't land on our any closer to our cabin.
17. We relaxed Friday during the day and took a drive to Saranac Lake to see what they say is the oldest winter festival in the states. It wasn't much of a party on Friday, but the yearly ice castle they build was up and very neat. We are excited to try to see the Quebec City Winter Festival this weekend!

18. Elise had a fever Friday night, but recovered quickly to go cross country skiing with us at the Olympic park in Lake Placid.

19. We took the girls skiing and they did a great job, a lot better than last year I recounted on this post. We all stayed up this time and we think we can actually handle this sport more often. And I am smiling because I didn't fall once!

20. Sassy sent this great care package to our cabin. It was waiting for us when we arrived with a bunch of See's candy in it! She packed our box with Bordeau's for Craig and dark chocolate coconut and almond nuget (not sure the exact candy name) for me. Thanks Sassy!
21. The girls were in fine form at the cabin, meaning they fought a lot! Small space, means more time with sister - but I took this picture when we were leaving the skiing center. Craig and I were walking in front and they were busy talking 15 feet back from us, I couldn't help resist turning around and snapping this photo of them "getting along"!
22. We left this morning from the cabin so that we could ge to church on time, it was pretty stressful, with lots of tantrums from the girls; we ended up leaving late. Craig was doing 80 on the freeway and when we came over the hill, a state trooper through his headlights on and as we passed, lit us up. The police man stated that Craig was gong over 80 MPH, and Craig stated politely back, "Not to sound trite or anything, but we were just trying to get to church on time!". He was of course hoping that this would soften the polic officers heart, but unfortunately we were still given a ticket. While back on the road, I looked over the ticket and found this at the bottom:

22 continued: It was just a funny reminder that you can find humor even in stressful situations. We still have to see how much it was though!
23. When we realized we couldn't make it on time, for me to play the piano, I called Kathy, a good friend of mine, and she was more than happy to fill in for me.

What is making you smile?


Lauralee said...

awesome post! when are you going to portland? it would be so fun to meet you..
I am going to work on a smile post right now!

trying to get to church on time.. that is hilarious! way to go craig!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

I absolutely loved this post! Your hats are so cute, that ice castle is amazing, nice work with the treadmill and especially with the weights (i am a weight junky), sorry about the speeding ticket...
Cute pictures, too! How fun to take the girls on so many adventures! I will have to check out your new shop! How exciting!!!!

crystal said...

#7 is a SERIOUSLY good reason to be happy for the rest of the month! Go Michelle!

I loved that ticket; frame it for SURE. That is hilarious.

And...Go Romney!

Marie said...

So much happiness in your grumpy week! I'm glad you are writing these things down. They make me smile too.

I think you look adorable in that hat. It is perfect. And how fun is it that you ski with your girls! I love to ski, but haven't started the kids on it yet. I really like that you got a picture of the whole family on the slopes.

I still cannot believe how fast my card got to you! Glad you used it!

Holly said...

Your smile posts are a great way to reflect and I enjoy reading them too. Congrats on your better ski experience this time and a getaway to the cabin. Sorry about the ticket--at least your reason is documented. :)

Jenny said...

What is making me smile?

Reading your post.

The bottom of your ticket.

You have me thinking, so maybe later I will post a happy list. You have inspired me today.

Kathryn said...

I love the ticket. I think you probably made the patrolman smile with that, as well.

Andy said...

You have to love good mail!

Amanda :-) said...

There are loads of things in this post to smile about, and you've all been sooooo busy. I can't get over how much you've packed in. The ticket is hilarious, and that ice castle is just brilliant.

Nikki said...

You are "living the good life" for sure! What a great post. So ahppy and positive. What fabulous things you're doing together as a family. And that ticket... priceless!! :)
We'll be voting for Romney in New York too!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Great list of reasons to smile! Loved the ticket! :p