Friday, January 25, 2008

From livid to relaxed...

Movie night peanut butter and kisses cookies

The girls were home today from school, one of the many "professional days" they seem to have an abundance of in this school system. We stayed home in the morning and then went out for a few errands. It was a very quiet relaxing day - which means I had a chance to calm down from my post earlier today!Thanks for everyone's comments! I think I've calmed down a bit and am ready to think more rationally. I think it's just a good reminder to me as to why I have my safety precautions and keep some anonymity to my family and blog. It really is wonderful to be surrounded by so many great blogging friends. It's also nice to know who is viewing my site.

The two sites I mentioned are great indicators as to who is coming and going. All in all, it's good to know these things and to be an informed blogger - private or not. I know there are people much more qualified than me to talk about this so here are some links to posts I remember reading:

  • Things every blogger should know: by Scribbitt ( she is great for advice - click her "blogger" button on the side bar menu - it will reveal lots of great information about being an informed blogger)
  • Click on the link to go to the google link and visiting tracking page I mentioned in my previous post : - it's free and pretty easy to install.

We were supposed to have a babysitter tonight - again, but this time I didn't want her to come, because I'm getting sick - hopefully it won't lead into much - but the last thing I want to do is go out in the snow and get cold! So we kicked our feet up and watched this movie:

It was really enjoyable and it's nice to see "The Rock" play a fun character and it's nice to know his real name - Dwayne! I also picked up the Pillsbury cookie dough and Hershey's kisses to make the cookies at the top - really good and a nice treat to go with our spaghetti.


Natasha said...

Hope this finds you feeling better!

Melinda said...

I hope you don't get too sick and can fight it off. Your night sounds so nice.

How scary about your blog! I want to install the stuff so I can see what is going on!

Marie said...

I love kisses in my peanut butter cookies. I think you gave me a baking project for tomorrow. Oh the craving!

Nicole said...

This really doesn't relate to your latest post, but can I just say that I LOVE your latest blog layout!! The banana leaves are so cute! Where do you find your ideas for changing your blog? I can't seem to find exactly what I want.

Carolee said...

I love those cookies!!

I just read your previous post. I am sorry for what happened. I think I am a little naive because I dont know how to track and I have no idea who looks at my blog. I am thinking of going private. If you decide to dont forget to include me in your list of friends:)

Amanda :-) said...

Yikes, I hope you don't get ill! I think you did the right thing to stay at home and rest if you suspected you might be coming down with something. My mum always prescribes chicken soup for all ailments - or threatening-ailments.

We don't have Hershey's Kisses over here. I thought you'd put Maltesers on top of those biscuits. Do you have those? It's always pleasing to see a post start off with a good photo of yummy food! Hahaha!

michelle said...

Your list is wonderful! I think I will do this, this week. It is a great way to journal the good. I hope that your not getting sick. Try, and get some rest this weekend. :)