Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why I can't stop smiling...

My goal is to write down those blessing and grateful moments as they happen during the week and post them on the weekend. Last week I had 40 things that made me smile, not every week can be as good as that - but I'm going to try to get it as high as my last "smile" post.

  1. Took pictures of things for my Etsy shop and am progressing at feeling confident I can officially open it on Wednesday, January 30th!
  2. The Raspberry pies are back at McDonald's, and although they are really good, I've only had one this week. I almost had another one on Friday, but thankfully they were out!
  3. I found some beautiful paper at a local paint/craft store (not equal to Michael's or Hobby Lobby though) they come in large sheets for $4.00.
  4. Found the girl's Easter dresses for only $17.00 each - matching but different colors. Really cute!
  5. I actually got our my violin Sunday and practiced. I may not be Issac Perlman, but I haven't lost how to play (it's been about a year). I played it for about 10 minutes once earlier this fall, but nothing of great significance.
  6. I've practiced it two more times this week and am working on my vibrato - sorry no blogger debuts anytime soon!
  7. Nini goes to gymnastics at her school - straight from class to the gym for her class. I always like to sneak a peak at her to see if she's safe (still worry weather they have everything secure), and I caught jabbering away to her gymnastics teacher - it was the cutest thing!
  8. Cici's leg warmer were falling down last week at ballet, but I came up with a way to keep them up by sewing a band of material/ribbon and streaming elastic through it. It worked beautifully - yeah!
  9. I am happy that my house has not been a place of clutter for me. The 20 bags+ of giveaway we took to the charity shops has left us feeling free of of a lot of chaos - it's great.
  10. I purchased a swiffer mop this week, which lets me spot treat our hard wood floors, which cover the entire house (except the basement), without getting out the heavy duty mopping. Cici has even got into doing it for me.
  11. Am hoping to start a music class for the kids at church, since most don't have the finances to take music. I am really excited about this, and being organized has helped feel that I have the time to do this.
  12. I've put more order into my mornings by making the girl's lunch while I make dinner, finishing all the dishes at night, and even putting out the mornings breakfast dishes and cereal to make it easier to get out the door on time.
  13. Spent a very cold 30 minutes this week in 4 degree weather talking to a woman with twin girls a year younger than my girls. I am grateful that I was able to answer her questions about same vs. separate classes, and find out some great information that might allow us to transfer the girls to an english school.
  14. I exercised every week day this week! I couldn't do it outside this week, it was really really cold and really busy - but I made changes and used a DVD machine to run/walk 16 miles this week on our treadmill.
  15. Montreal has a lot of great restaurants, but not ones that are really suited to children. We finally went to one today (Saturday) called Baton Rouge - it was kid friendly and had a great burger - something I've been craving for awhile.
  16. My new passport came this week! It's absolutely gorgeous, with photos inside every page - my husband has a tinge of jealousy!
  17. We received a refund check for most of the cost of our pipes that froze at Acorn Cottage.
  18. We are excited to be planning a weekend at Acorn cottage soon!

What is making you smile?


donna said...

What a wonderful post this Sunday!!!!

Hmm, what makes me happy??

MY family, friends and my blog buddies. ( YOU)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh ad good mail:)

Kim Sue said...

fellow SPT blogger - I had some extra time and was surfing around and got to read some of your other posts. Love the idea of keeping tabs on things that make you smile all week. What great lists to have!

Poulsen Family said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I love this idea of expressing the things that bring you happiness, what a beautiful thing to focus on.

Kelly said...

That's a great list! So many things to be happy about is a blessing in itself.

Natasha said...

I love our swiffer too and often engage Griffin to help. Hurray for Easter outfits already, Easter is so early this year.Raspberry pies at McDonald's? I would be in TROUBLE if we had those here. YUM!
I love watching Luci at the gym too. Sometimes I drop her off so I can run errands but worry about her to, like what if she gets injured while I am gone? Does one daughter of yours do gym and the other take ballet? If so, that is a terrific idea. I try to give each of my kids something to shine at.

Melinda said...

Where did you get your Easter dresses? I guess it is coming up so soon! I love the lists you make. Things that make me smile? Healthy kids, a night out with my hubby and a clean house. I am going to try and match your 20 bags for di. I am on a roll!

jenny said...

Posts such as this for sure! Just catching up. I am so behind with you--

First you look like your exercise routine is going great. Good for you. And and hour? That is really hard!

Darling legwarmers. And I have to laugh at everytime I click I get another cheery background. How are you changing it so frequently. To say the least, it looks great!

Have a great night!!

Mandy said...

What a fun list! So many happy things to be thankful for!

I love the look of your blog. It's such a happy spot to visit.

Amanda :-) said...

Ah, well done on pursuing your violin playing! The father of one of Erin's best friends plays violin for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. I knew him for a while at school before I knew him as a primo-supremo violinist, so it's funny to see him on TV doing the Proms etc! Now I will be visualising you doing something in a concert hall! Haha!

Things making me smile...well, I'm still dogged by a cold so everything's a struggle - but I'm smiling at the daffodils and tulip shoots coming up in the garden. I can't wait for them to flower!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Wonderful list of blessings! Thanks for sharing all the good things in your week.

carlo said...

wow, what a list! I love it.

i have been doing fantastic friday's and it is just nice to think about the good, isn't it?

love so much on your list. playing catch up here...