Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Dollar Daze.

My Dollar and Winner finds...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, green day, and don't get pinched by wearing red day! We have some fun things planned which I will have to blog about later, since the Leprechauns didn't quite make their mischief last night - we hope we'll be ready for them tonight. Check this post if you're confused!

I can't say enough clean cursing when I walk out of the stores here in Quebec. Has anyone payed $5.69 recently for a cheap pack of bacon, or $6.00 for Honeynut Cheerios? Oh, and add the 15% tax! It's so crazy! My only relief has come from the totally great dollar store I pass on my way to Cosco, Winner's (a suedo TJ MAx), and the Value Village. Here are some of my most recent finds at the dollar store and Winners!

$1.00 each, tiny rose tea lights with a flower scent.

$1.00 bags perfect for this summer.

$1.00 puppets for easter and all three would
be perfect to include in a baby shower gift.

My Winner's finds...

$3.99 glass flower cups

$5.99 cutest ever socks. This was a bit high,
but they were so cute I couldn't put them down!
Now to find one of my girls that will wear them!

$3.99 hard boiled egg holders - perfect for easter!

Now, see anything you like?


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Happy St Paddy's day!
Wow the prices are crazy in Canada! You new finds are great!

Nicole said...

Happy St P's Day! I really love those socks! They are so cute-I think I would even wear them! The egg holders are cute, very Martha! Hope your holiday is great...can you believe Easter is just around the corner? I always thought it was in April.

Jennfer said...

Score! I love your dollar store. Those little roses are the cutest. Perfect for a baby or wedding shower!

lelly said...

i never think to look for egg cups!! (i don't eat eggs unless they're scrambled.) but seeing these, makes me think of the perfect way to display my decorative wooden eggs that usually get jumbled into a nest for Easter. that's a great score!!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Holy incredible trip pictures! What a fun time! I LOVE Multunomah falls! Lots of memories growing up visiting there (I'm from WA state and my family is still there).

Nice work on the finds! I have been craving me some thrift/yard saling, but prefer to do it without kids in tow! I'm lazy like that! :)

Those socks are SO fun! and those egg holders are perfect for this season!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Natasha said...

Those are some great finds!

the puppets are just the cutest!

Mandi said...

Hi Michelle
I love the $1 bags!!! I just cant quite tell how big they are. I am always looking for a bag for Breanna when she is going to a friends for a swim etc.
I think you are the queen of bargins!!!
Luv Mandi

Lauralee said...

great finds! love the puppets! only a dollar? unreal! great deals.. I guess it kinda makes up for the expensive groceries!

Laurie said...

Prices are going up all over the place! I love the egg cups and the cute cute puppets!

Marie said...

Oooh, the hard boiled egg holders! Yes, Yes, Yes! I would have totally gone after those too.

Barb said...

Winners is my store! Love Winners!
(We don't have sales tax in Alberta, just GST. You have me reconsidering how much shopping I'll do in Quebec in the summer.)

Scribbit said...

That flower arrangement is just beautiful!