Friday, March 14, 2008

"But the weather's great in Chicago!"

Keeping them busy climbing on our luggage while we wait in line in Montreal.

I love it when you can sum up a vacation or event in one sentence, and it's even better when it can be summed in one word. I will admit that my vacation was very fun, with lots to do, and great weather. It was so grand to see the ground, the grass, and see green - instead of white. So, all-in-all we had a great time. I am writing this post starting from the "worst" and going to the "best" things about our time, here goes:

Blue sky and evergreen pines, Vancouver, WA.
Flights: We had absolutely no luck in this area! Craig's company provides us with four tickets a year to fly "home" or to give to people so that they can fly to see us. It's part of their ex-patriot package - we really love it, because our last home was right next to Disneyland! When we arrived at 8 a.m. to check into our flight, the company's travel agency somehow made a mistake which cancelled Cici's ticket. It took them a half hour to say they couldn't help us and sent us to the actual ticketing booth. It took two hours to check-in, with two little girls who hadn't eaten anything yet. We were able to catch a later flight with connections in Chicago. It landed us in Portland much later than we would of liked, but I guess at least we made it. Thanks to a nice man at the ticketing booth, who went off of his break to help us!

On our way home, we were due into Toronto, but because of delays they switched us to a direct flight from LAX to Montreal. We were really excited about the direct even if it was two hours later. Over the air in Chicago, the captain came of the intercom and said that because Montreal was being hit by a huge storm that was dropping over a foot of snow, they were going to land and refuel and check with Montreal Airport once on the ground. He kept saying over and over again - "but the weather's great in Chicago!" After all the trouble, and things we went through on our trip - I felt his enthusiasm a bit annoying, as I could care less about the weather in Chicago. We land and ten minutes later, the captain came on the intercom again and said that the Montreal airport had been shut down and our flight cancelled. Craig quickly moved to action, getting us a hotel room at the Chicago Hilton at the airport - it was another $300 dollars, but I guess that's better than sleeping at the airport. We made it home on Sunday and we very happy to see our house, even with all that snow!

By Thursday, this is what poor Nini looked like.

Nini's Sick: Late Sunday night while staying in Portland with family, I got up to use the restroom. On my way back I checked on the girls, and found Nini burning up. I take a 1 a.m. trek to find a pharmacy open ( I usually bring medicine with me) and picked up some medicine. Every night during our vacation she awoke mid night to 3 a.m. burning up, with 103 to 104 temperature. I would help her cool off and she would go back to sleep. I know if we were home, she would have beat it more quickly, but we carried her around Disneyland, as long as her spirits were good. The last day, around noon, she tuckered out and we brought back to the hotel and she slept the afternoon away. By Saturday, her fever was gone (4 days of it). Sunday she developed a really bad cough - and she's not a peach when she's sick, she fights it. She had several coughing fits throughout the day. I kept her home Monday and took her to the doctor on Tuesday, she has a slight ear infection, but they won't treat it up here unless her fever returns. She is still really tired, but her spirits and Nini-isms are back!

A healthier Nini.

Portland:Portland is one of my favorite city's to live and visit. The eclectic and eccentric people in downtown Portland is always a gem. Saturday while driving to meet Kelly, we ran across this shopping cart race - a perfect welcome to Portland.

Shopping cart race, Portland, OR.

Getting are care ready for our Saturday outing.

Our Self Portrait!

Blog Meet: We arrived Friday night around 7:00 p.m. , and rushed to Burgerville (my favorite) for dinner! We met up with family and talked late into the evening. Saturday, we hung out in the morning, then headed to the Pendleton outlet store, and then downtown to meet Kelly aka Thister, Thaster. I can't remember where we ate, but it was down on 23rd in west Portland. A very trendy area. It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers, and see faces and actions rather than pictures. She was a lot of fun to meet, and handled my endless babbling with ease! We headed to Anthropologie after lunch and had a great time looking at all the cute outfits. And yes, I did score a shirt! Thanks Kelly! I had a wonderful time and it was so great meeting you!

The full view of Multnomah, Falls.

Multnomah Falls, OR:
After visiting with Kelly, we headed back to the house and chatted the night away with family. Sunday, we headed to sacrament meeting, and skipped out early to visit Multnomah Falls, a beautiful water fall east of Portland.

Before the bridge, viewpoint.

A view from the bridge.

Nini and Daddy.

After the falls, we went back for more family time. On our way, I noticed Cici with a little mirror/brush set we had in her backpack. She was admiring herself, puckering her lips and starring at herself. It was the cutest thing, and who couldn't help but stare at her beauty! I snapped this picture without her evn noticing!

A beautiful view.

Family Photos: I've always had a hard time snapping photos admist family gatherings, but with a little effort this time I took a few photos. Most were too dark, but after brightening them on our computer - they are all ready to go. All of these people are on Craig's side...

Uncle Wade and Aunt Colleen (Colleen is Craig's dad's sister)

Craig's cousins boys.

Craig's cousin Steve, right and his wife Kirsten. Nini had a little crush on Steve!

Sugar, Kirsten and Steve's dog.

Jake is the youngest of Craig's cousins, can you guess where he went on his mission?

California to Olvera Street to Anaheim: We flew into Burbank, CA Monday morning and met up with the girl's grandmother, Sassy (Craig's mom). She stayed with us the entire week. I wanted to meet up with Mique, but with Nini being sick and our family obligations, it just didn't happen! Hopefully next time Mique!

Standing by the orange tree, my 2nd fav photo.

We headed to In and out for a quick lunch and met up with Ruth, Sassy's sister. Her husband passed away recently, so our visit was short, but Sassy came and cheered her sister up. It's been a tradition to head into her backyard and swim and pick her oranges - since she never eats them.

Collecting the oranges.

After Ruth, we headed to Olvera street for their famous taquitos, check this post for what you're missing out on! And we stayed at a hotel next to Disneyland, arriving late due to traffic! The next morning we awoke and headed to Disneyland Hotel. We've stayed on and off and find that staying inside Disneyland is the way to go if you can fit everyone in one hotel room! We had two queen beds and a sofa love seat. By the end, perhaps it wasn't ideal, but we made due and never had to park or get into our car.

Taken right after our drop on Splash Moutain!

Tuesday and Wednesday at Disneyland were wonderful with hardly any people and we could easily get on any ride, except Nemo, without a huge long line. By Thursday it was crowded and by Friday, it was packed. We really enjoyed the first three days, but by the last day, Friday, Nini just couldn't keep trekking around with us. We took her back to the hotel where she took a two hour nap and stayed in the rest of the night. Sassy stayed with Nini, while we took Cici back to hit a couple rides and have a little "date" night with her. We even had their awful hamburgers - I always forget how bad they are until I try one!

Waiting for the Bug's Life show to start.

The river ride at California Adventure has a new feature in the ride - a geyser - that randomly blows water in the air as your raft floats over the geyser spilling water all over everyone in the raft. It's supposed to be random, however, both times we went on this ride - we were completely drenched afterward! Random, I think not!

Cici is beaming after she sat for her hair and face painting - with the Ariel wedding dress.

A girl photo before our turn to see the princesses.

Waiting in line at the Princess Fantasy Fair - it's a long wait!

Every time Cici met a character, especially a princess, she would throw her hands behind her head - I think it's her nervous twitch!

This girl, so isn't into Princesses! She can tolerate Mulan, Ariel, and Jasmine though!

Meeting Ariel.

Family photo with Donald before our Character Dinner at Goofy's Kitchen.

I love these Character Dinners! Minnie, Goofy, Aurora etc. all came to the girls table!

A photo after our date with Cici!

Chasing Cici, all while trying to take a picture!

Wow, this is a very large post! We are so grateful for this trip, it was so needed. Our next adventure will be a road trip, hopefully, up through main and over to Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green Gables land! I am really looking forward to this summer! THE END.


Chrissy, said...

That waterfall is absolutly goreous! I'm so glad you had a fun trip. I love the long post with all the pictures. All my girls are pretty much into girlie things. It would be kinnda fun to see what it is like having them so different and into different things. Have you been to Disneyland in October? Is it busy?

Melinda said...

I am soooo jelous of you going to Anne of Green Gables!! I have always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. It is soo beautiful! All of my sisters and mom want to go.

Your trips sounds so fun and exhausting. THat is so sad that Nini had to be sick but it sounds like she trudged along for most of it. If you like the character dinner you have to do the princess breakfast in CA adventure. It was the absolute best!! We had all of the princess come to our table and take pictures and talk to us. We did even wait in the lines at the princess place in dland because we had already met them all!

Marie said...

You go on such great family adventures! The trip (minus the flight woes and the sickies) sounded wonderful. I love disneyland and hope we can take the kids some day. I think the character dinner would be so cool.

How great you got to meet Kelly! I think everyone should know Kelly.

Jenny said...

We just watched Anne of Green Gables on KBYU. Look for ward to seeing pictures and hearing about your visit to Prince Edward Island.

Glad to hear all is well with the girls and that your trip turned out to be a good one.

Jennfer said...

I can't believe you packed so much in to your 1 week trip! I'm exhausted just reading about it!
I'm glad you had so much fun. Glad Nini's feeling better. The shopping cart races totally made me smile.:)

Barb said...

Vacations from coast to coast in one year! What a fun family.

I think Kelly needs to reconsider getting a shorter haircut after seeing your cute self portrait together!

Lauralee said...

oh it looks like a great time! love those falls!
hope nini is feeling better soon! poor girl
shopping cart races? too funny!

Mandi said...

I loved reading about your holiday, apart from being sick, it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! I put Aimees prom photos on my blog, so have a look. Better get back to work and am so glad you are all home safe and well!!
Luv Mandi.......x

Nicole said...

Oh my! So many pictures and what a wonderful view of the waterfall! Looks like you guys had a very nice vacation. I am so jealous. The only place I have visited lately is the DR's office. :0(

Nikki said...

What a great trip- a variety of places and lots of family to visit! Perfect- except for the little sick one :( That's really rough!
I'm impressed you got your post up so quick! I just finished a very long Disneyland post as well and we were there a month ago now!

Claudissima said...

oh my....what adorable those little girls are! The pictures look like a lot of fun, too bad, I missed you in Disney...well, althogether...I have not yet recover to my old self...I better hurry or it is going to be half year....

jenny said...

Just look at the places you guys traveled. Sorry to hear Nini was sick during the process..that seriously stinks. It does look like you had a wonderful time and so many great photos to document it. I need to get to the store to get that cord!!

Fun to hook up with Kelly! What a treat. :)