Friday, April 25, 2008

Drama Queen, Goodmail, and Good Grief!

Part of our road trip this summer includes a trip up to Prince Edward Island and part of the experience of PEI is, of course, Lucy Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. I just loved watching the movie for the first time years ago and we felt the girls were old enough to appreciate little Anne "with an e". We started watching it on Wednesday and the girls are just transfixed! Craig and I have just been laughing constantly at Megan Follows great job showing the drama of Anne. She is so cute, and we are doubly appreciative of it with two girls roaming our house - with more than enough drama to spare! I purchased the 100 year anniversary edition of the the book and hope to read it before our trip.

Melinda was so kind to send this great Easter goodmail! I felt bad when she said she had sent goodmail before easter and it still hadn't arrived. I received her goodmail yesterday! It had been opened and resealed -I guess border control felt it needed to look at the cute spatulas inside! Thank you so so much Melinda and I am sorry your kindness took so long to arrive. Thank you to Jill for sending my order of goodmail labels and the your very sweet card you sent with some of the paper from my goodmail package. Thank you both for cheering my day!

and now for good grief...

I volunteered to go on a field trip with the girls and their school for another sugaring off event. I was met with many odd comments about me going mentioning that I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Huh? Anyway, the bus ride was great, the horse ride was great, the lunch was fun, and then the noise started. It became louder and louder and then it was time to dance! Oh my, it was so loud with three schools and three grades each all in one very small-ish room. I had the biggest headache! I was happy for it to be over, but very happy that I got to spend what my daughter called a "very happy day" with each other.

Last week, the school returned my cupcake holder I had used for the curriculum fair's bake sale. I didn't have time to bring it inside so I put it by the back door to pick up after I returned from an errand. I went in through the back door when I returned and walked upstairs to the office. A few minutes later I hear a thud, a pause and another thud. I didn't think much of it, except that it happened about three times more. Curious I tracked down the noise and found very determined squirrel picking up the cupcake holder with it's teeth and smacking it down.. What do you think of the photo?! So funny, all that work and there wasn't anything inside!

When was the last time you watched Anne of Green Gables?
Do you have a drama queen?
Do you like field trips?
Any determined squirrels in your yard ?


Jennfer said...

What a bizzare squirrel! As a matter of fact, we do have some weird squirrels in our yard. They scare the kids sometimes because they just come right up to them. Abby always says "it looks like it wants to eat me."

Nicole said...

That's funny about the squirrel. I remember what it was like to have squirrels. I loved them, despite that they're rodents. Such personality!
The only wierd thing we have here (Michelle, I'm sure you remember these annoying animals)...ravens! They are so determined to open our trash cans every week & nearly do. I have even seen my neighbors put bricks on top of theirs to keep them out.Sorry to say no cute stories to share about one though.

Monica M said...

Love Anne of Green Gables, would love to visit that area sometime, it looks so beautiful. We have squirrels in our backyard. They broke our birdhouse. I think when you were here a mama had babies in our rocks and it was so fun having babies in our backyard.

Mandi said...

Loved your post today, I laughed and laughed about the squirrel!!! I think he was telling you next time you make cupcakes he wants you to leave on outside for him!!!

That will make me laugh everytime I think about it today!!!

Have a great week - luv Mandi

Marie said...

Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite books ever. And the movie is one of my favourite movies ever. Amazingly, I don't own either. Why? Well, I want to get the whole series of books in a matching, hard cover set. There is one that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, by Easton Press, but they won't ship it to Canada. I am heart broken. Till I can find one that I love as much as that one, I am not buying it. As for the movie, I have no excuse. It has to be the next movie we buy.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Oh Michelle, you are so awesome!!!! We enjoyed our candy picnic today and the kids LOVED it! You are incredible and such an example to me! THANK YOU!

Funny squirrel!

Marmee said...

We love Anne of Green Gables. Movie and Books. We own them all! My girls LOVE that my name is Anne "with an E."

I don't have any Drama Queens. Quite the surprise with 4 little girls.

I love field trips, but because I homeschool, I usually know what they will consist of!

Lots!! This is the first time we've lived with Squirrels around! They eat holes in the outdoor trashcans, so we have to keep them in the garage until trash day! Who knew?

Barb said...

I love Anne with an E and the timing of your PEI trip in the 100th anniversary year? Perfection.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a persistent squirrel!

Laurie said...

It's been so long since I've watched Anne of Green Gables, but always loved the books and think a trip to PEI sounds so ideal!

My 5 year old is starting to show signs of drama queen. I'm always in denial about this, but it is manifesting in small ways.... What's a parent to do?

Jenny said...

We love Anne of Green Gables. I think it would be fun to visit Canada, or at least Prince Edward Island.