Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drum Roll please...

Nini and I went to the dollar store last week to pick up some crafts and small toys to take with us to the cabin. I turned it into a date, with a little photo shoot to make it really important for her! Look at that cute kiss! She was so excited! After the store, we went and got ice cream bars and brought them back to Craig and Cici.

Check out these cool shrinky dink toys we made for just a buck!

This photo is indicative of our weekend - calm and relaxing! Oh my, we had a great time with two beautiful sunny (cold) days. We stayed around our property and cabin most of the time; watching movies, playing games, reading, and an occasional - I watch the girls while you take nap - time. I was too busy relaxing to take many photos!

My blogging has definitely absorbed itself into our daily life. I found Cici desperately trying to take a photo of herself with a bird house I had decorated. We had a great mother daughter bonding experience, as I showed her the best way to take a self -portrait! Didn't she do a good job?

We kept the girls busy and out of trouble, mostly, by taking along a lot of toys and a lot of activities that they could do on their own, or with our help.

These birdhouses I Nini and I scored at the dollar store. Guess which one is Craig's? He was determined not to join us for what we had planned as a family activity. He did catch a good 30 minute nap, which I took back the next day, with an hour nap!

And now for the drum roll....
There has been a constant in many of my post regarding a certain large wonderful store missing from any normal distance to my home. However, I am please to announce that while stopping into the Plattsburgh Mall this weekend to pick up some jeans, a large wonderful red sign read these words "opening Oct. 12" was seen with great joy (a lot of jumping up and down clapping while everyone else looked on with curiosity") Within an hour and a border crossing, I will be shopping at Target this fall! Yeah!

And finally... this is a really dark photo, but the Canadian geese have returned north! There were thousands of these bird formations in the sky on our way back from the cabin. We were moving at 70 mph, so this was the best I could do - it was a really neat sight!

How was your weekend?
Do you find your children trying self portraits?
Do you have a Target close-by?


Cristin said...

I can relate to your Target excitement!
...Saturday I took a quick run through a Target store (that is actually several hours away) and I felt reconnected to the world!
...I would love to have a Target near us!

Nicole said...

The photo displaying the Canadian Geese is great. I don't think I have ever actually seen such a perfect arrangement of birds. Except m/b on TV. Really cool, thanks for sharing.

linda said...

We are traveling right now and looking at possible places to move to in the near future...one of my determining factors will be "how close will we be to a Target!?!

Holly said...

Glad you had a nice getaway and family time. Love all the fun crafts.

Hooray for the nearby (sort of) bullseye store!

Jennfer said...

What a great weekend. Nap included! I'm glad it was a relaxing weekend!

SHERI said...

What a nice relaxing weekend at the cabin. I love the birdhouses. And yeah for Target! I have many around me to choose from. But I don't ever get to see geese flying like that! What a cool thing!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The birdhouses are cute!
Target is 3 hours away! yeah I know I live in the middle of nowhere!

Jill said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys get, I think it would make me crazy (I hibernate too much when it snows).

The outdoor photo at the cabin is gorgeous!

Your weekend looks calm and relaxing for sure.

Score on Target!!

Marie said...

I'm glad the time at Acorn Cottage was good and relaxing and that you had enough activities for the girls that they didn't go stir crazy.

The geese are returning! A sure sign of spring! look for robins next!

Chrissy, said...

Love Target! Great crafts and I love the one on one date and cute kiss picture.

Natasha said...

Awesome birdhouse idea and you know how much I love mommy & me dates!

Amanda said...

Congrats on the target. That would brighten my day. We live about 15 minutes away. I couldn't live further..at least I don't think i could.

We have tons of geese nearby and I hear them daily. I love it.

What a great trip to your cabin!

jenny said...

I can so relate to not having Target. When we moved to New Orleans we would take 2 hour road trips just to get a fix. Now they are like gas stations and I don't frequent it as much (For fear of spending to much) but it is by far one of my FAVORITE stores. Happy day!

Barb said...

Right on! I am 5 hours away from the closest target (not a day trip).
The Canadian geese picture is very cool.