Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's time to dress up!

There is something about nice weather that makes me want to shed my make-up, get my hair done, and take out my entire summer wardrobe - which seems to be a bit tight! The weather temperature today is 70 degrees! I can't tell you how much that makes me smile! That darn snow has just been way too much this winter, and it's great to see a small hint of spring! There are no buds on the trees but we do have a number of plants in the ground, now sprouting. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am looking at loosing some of my moving and winter weight! I want to feel great this summer and I know the only way I can is to get back to my pre-moving to California and then to Montreal weight and size. It's not too much, but it won't be easy for this almost 35 year old to do! I am on my 2nd successful week at running and realize that I need new shoes. When did running shoes become so expensive? Anyone familiar with the Saucony brand? It was the best fitting shoe but it would be $230 with tax. Yikes! Are you trying to shed some winter pounds?

New hair and no make-up me!

The other thing I plan on doing this summer is to invest in a some great everyday dresses. I just love dresses and the one piece functionality. It's been very difficult to find modest dresses that fit my body type, even with all the great modest dress shoppes like Layers and Shabby Apple and now even Shade. Here are a couple great modest dresses I ran across while browsing the online shops:
Anthropologie (with tank)

Downeast Basics

La Redoute (with tank)

La Redoute

J Crew (with tank, my personal favorite)

Ann Taylor

Tommy Hilfiger

Am I missing any really cute dresses out their? I hope to purchase one of these by the end of May as a reward for my hard work!

Do you like dresses or skirts?
How is your weather?
Does anyone besides cute Marie have snow?


Laura said...

$230 for running shoes??? That's insane! Check out Salt Lake Running Co. I know they ship, and most of their shoes seem to be between $85-130.
Cute, cute dresses,too!

Laurie said...

I know what you mean, a warm day makes me feel invigorated and makes those goals that have been in the back of my mind finally feel more achievable.

I'm loving the 2nd Anthropologie dress!! They're all cute. Check out Target too, surprising, but I found a great dress for only $25! And it's so easily wearable/washable and comfortable. Ahhhh....spring.

Bren's Life said...

Oh my Goodness those dresses are so cute! I want one of each. Amen to needing to lose weight. Since I became a stay at home mom 10 yrs ago, I put on 30 extra pounds throughout the 10 yrs & now am going - What!!!!
I have a pair of Asics shoes & they seem really good. A lot of my running friends wear them.. And they were $80.00
Good Luck - Love the new hair...

Mandi said...

Those dresses are so cute!!! I dont wear dresses, well not very often anyway - the last time was - I cant even remember thats how long ago it was, BUT I did buy a dress just this week. Aimee has a valedictory dinner for school in October - yes I know its a long way away, but I dont wear dresses so when I saw this one I thought it would be great!!! I will eventually post a photo of it.

crystal said...

Chic hair! Love it. You must post which dress you eventually buy. I love that plaid one from Downeast. The JCrew one is darling, too.

Try my favorite running shop,; they have great advice on shoes, even if yo end up buying online. I love saucony! My favorite shoe.

Elise said...

It's amazing how the cost of running shoes can be astronomical.

Spring also inspires me to shed those extra pounds. Funnily enough while filling up on all that comfort food during winter the thought of losing weight never enters my head.

I'd love to see a picture of the dress that you eventually decide on.

Melinda said...

All of those dresses are fabulous! I love them all. I would buy them all also if I could fit into them. I need to lose a lot of weight though. I just hate how slow it goes. Good luck with yours. You really don't need to!

Love the hair.

Marie said...

Those are very pretty dresses. I went to my closet the other day and realized I do not own a single dress anymore. They are all skirts and tops. I am a different size on bottom and top, so dresses are hard to find. I do like them better though. Much more feminine.

I love your hair! Beautiful lady!

Jennfer said...

Adorable haircut! I only have 1 or 2 dresses. I'm a total skirt kind of girl! I like the red on from J Crew best.
Who would have thought you'd actually have to save $ to buy some shoes! If you get them, you've gotta do a post about them.

Amanda said...

Nothing like some warm weather to motivate you to exercise! Can't wait to see what dress you pick. There are so many cute ones! I'm a dress girl. Love them!

Lena said...

Love the dresses! Very cute.