Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Perfect Saturday and a contest...

Maple Syrup Taffy

Saturday, I would consider, was a perfect Saturday! We woke up around 7:30 a.m. and met our ward at the church building for the annual Sugaring Off festivities. Click here for last year! We traveled out to the countryside to one of the many maple syrup farms. We ate, had syrup taffy, and fun with the members of our ward. Here are some photos:
Meeting at the church Elder and Sister Hurst from Utah leave in a week for home, we'll so miss them!
Playing with friend
Two sets of missionaries and some of ward waiting for lunch to begin.
Hanging out in the sun!
Elder Hall (from Alaska) lifted Nini once, this photo was about the 15th time! The girls love this little boy!

Waiting for Dessert
After the ward activity, Craig took Cici to Home Depot and I stayed home and played soccer and rode bikes with Nini. Our goal this year is to have what we have coined a "dung free" yard. We can't permanently change our rental property, but Craig found this great fence that we easily put up in an hour.
Backyard doggy "dung free" fence

The property landscaping is mowed and raked once a week in nice weather and had been finished when we returned home. I raked it again just to get the rest of the dead leaves and other material off the lawn. We really needed a fun, clean space for the girls to play and were happy that not only did we have fun around Montreal, but we got some work accomplished around our property.

Ninja game at the big Orange.

After our work was finished we popped over to the big giant Orange, (click here) and picked up some orange julep, burgers, and onion rings. The girls are pretty good when we go out, but here they were playing some sort of ninja game while we waited for the food. The temp had dropped by the time we arrived home, so we took it inside and watched the Ruff Ruffman Show with he girls. Once the girls were in bed I headed outside for a nice walk and Craig and I finished the evening by planning our Prince Edward Island and Maine Road Trip plans for this summer.

Crochet Flowers
A special goodmail package, including five crochet flower magnets will be heading out Wednesday for the first person who can tell me where our family spent Sunday afternoon. Look at the picture below and take a guess!

Where are we?

Ever been to a sugaring off?
Do you like to attend church activities?
Are you children well behaved when they have to wait?
Are you enjoying your warmer weather?


Barb said...

I so remember your sugaring off post from last year! I am happy I will be coming to Montreal in August, but April would be really special with this unique event.
I dont' know where in the world you were on Sunday afternoon! I think the object looks like a kite or a tent!

jenny said...

Great idea about the orange netting I hope it works. How buggy! I can't stand animal droppings of any kind. That sugaring off outing sounds like a blast.

YOu definitely were able to pack a lot of fun in one weekend. That orange place looks like a great place to eat.

Holly said...

Glad y'all are getting some warmer weather! How nice.

My guess is either a tent or a trampoline.

A Maine road trip would be BEAUTIFUL!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The sugaring off sounds neat. I'll have to join the others in saying I've NO idea where you spent the afternoon.... Me I spent it inside playing with the kids! As for church activities, we attend most of them. I'm now the activities person.

Marie said...

Camping. That looks like the skylight of a tent to me.

Sugaring off looks like fun. I wasn't a blogger yet a year ago, so I enjoyed clicking and reading about last year.

That is one giant orange.

crystal said...

A tent, backyard camping!

The sugaring activity looks so fun. And a trip to PEI?!!! Oh, take pictures for the rest of us Anne of Green Gables fanatics!!!!

Alana said...

I know it was somewhere outside because they were talking about the great weather Montreal was having on the weather channel. Right after they discussed how where I live in Alberta has a blizzard warning with a tom of snow.

I'll say you guys went for a picninc and kite flying at the park.

Amanda said...

What a fun productive weekend! I love anything with sugar and maple syrup. What a fun ward activity!

We have been talking a bit about Prince Edward Island...someday. Where are you going in Maine? That is one of our favorite places ever! Have fun planning your trips!

My guess is a trampoline...

Kelly said...

I am not a fan of maple syrup, but your sugaring off activity looks like a fun time, and so unique to your area.

My guess on your mystery picture is the zoo. Maybe inside some sort of bird enclosure.

I am laughing at your dung fence! Well, not really at the fence, but at the whole name. I hope it works for you -- that's a yucky problem to have!

Chrissy, said...

I'm with Crystal I think it's a tent. I would know after my week. I had never heard of sugaring. Sounds like a great day. I like church activities. I really appreciate the people that make them happen. No my kids complain and run around. When the laughing gets to loud someone always starts crying. It's still cold here.

Marie said...

I got your card in the mail today. What a thoughtful woman. Thank you for your kind words, and I loved the front about how no one is more qualified to be you than yourself. Perfect for just-wanna-be-marie!

Thank you again!

Mandy said...

I also just got a card from you today! Thanks so much for thinking of me!