Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 1: NY to Bangor, Maine

It would be hard to recreate our 2008 road trip, with all it's stops and little spontaneous adventures - it is by far my favorite family vacation. I am going to post each day as it took us, as I felt this was the only way to capture and remember our trip. I have many photos, which can't all be displayed in this blog, but if you would like to view more photo, I will be posting a link soon.

Day 1. We left Montreal at 6:00 a.m. crossing the border just as the Jean Baptiste Holiday travelers were hitting the US borders. We were lucky to cross right before a long line of cars shown through our rear view mirror. Our route to our first night's stay on the road took us on Highway 89 through Burlington, VT up to Concord, NH and stopping up on Hwy 93 to Canterbury home of the Canterbury Shaker Village. We visited this village in 1997, but wanted to show Craig's mom and pick up one of these beautiful shaker boxes we couldn't quite afford on a student's salary! I just loved this colorful display...

... and will forever remember this very poignant quote they wrote on the chalkboard in the Canterbury store. The beauty of the world about us is only according to what we ourselves bring to it. -

We headed West on Hwy 202 to Interstate 95 and up to Portland, ME. We knew we would be seeing a lot of lighthouses along the way and weren't to concerned when we pulled up to the Portland Head Lighthouse with what would become a small nemeses along our trip - fog.

We could not see but a little past the rocks and decided to try to hit this again on the way back. We did manage to stay about 30 minutes taking in the sites before we were hit with a rain storm.

This photo is the best photo of the day. I just love everything about it; from the girls interest in the surroundings to the daddy daughter time they got on this vacation to the writing on the rocks and to the telescope on the left. I award this photo my favorite daddy daughter moment of the trip. The writing says Annie C Maguire shipwrecked here Christmas Eve 1886, the ship named Annie C. Macguire ran aground yards off the lighthouse. The photo on this link is quite amazing.

As we were leaving, the sun was starting to peak through the clouds, but we did not have time to wait. We were certain we could hit it on the way back and risk that their wouldn't be fog on our 2nd trip. We headed up Interstate 295 to Bangor, Maine where we stayed the night. We ate at a Bugaboo Creek for dinner - the girls were constantly waiting for any movement from the talking animals they had throughout the restaurant.

Our last stop before bedtime was checking out Stephen King's house. We weren't the only ones "checking it out" and felt a bit cheesy taking these photos. We rested our heads on our pillows after a nice swim in the pool - bedtime midnight.

Most spontaneous moment:
Rolling down the hill at the VT rest stop.
Worst Moment:
Best food:

Cold diet coke out of the cooler
Best View:
NH houses
Best planned moment:
Swimming at hotel with girls
Most memorable conversation:
Convincing the girls that the American national athem is better - the girls know all of "O Canada" and none of ours. It was a fun conversation


Jennfer said...

Sounds like day 1 of vacation was jam packed with fun things. I agree with your pic choic. It's a great one.

Keep the updates coming!

Marie said...

That is a great daddy-daughter photo indeed. Sounds like a great start to your trip.

Although, I don't know if I can agree about your most memorable conversation topic! When we sang O Canada in church on Sunday, Carter and Aimee were so excited they belted it out. I was so proud of them for knowing all the words.