Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 2: Old Town, ME to Cavendish, PEI

Today was an extraordinary day of things you just can't plan. The weather was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, but we ended up with beautiful blue skies most of the way. Craig has always wanted to check out Old Town, ME because of the famous Old Town Canoes. The actual factory was still their, but due to time we did not get a chance to go to the show room - plus we didn't have room for a canoe anyway!

We headed West on Hwy 202 taking a very scenic route through Maine. We came across this beautiful scenic view and took a few moments to snap some of these photos:

This is my very favorite photo of Cici from our vacation. It just turned out perfectly and I am certain that this will go on our wall soon!

Middle of no where Maine favorite photo!
We headed to the Calais, ME border crossing into New Brunswick. The line was a tad long, maybe 45 minutes as it was a Sunday and it was a major crossing.

Our first stop into beautiful New Brunswick was to find this view we first saw in an advertisement for NB.

St. George is a small town and finding this wasn't too difficult. The far end of the photo holds the St. George Fishway which we headed over to view the fish migrating upstream.

This photo a small window into the fishway and is an interesting photo because if you look closely you'll see the leak in the glass. It was a bit freaky seeing the leak, but we lived through it and headed west to the Bay of Fundy.

The Bay of Fundy
When you enter the Bay of Fundy park one of the first things you see is this fog bank. Their is a look out point you can view the fog coming in and it also explains why they get so much of it! It was a pretty amazing sight to see as you come over the hill.

Point Enrage

Point Enrage was an interesting stop as it was supposed to be voted one of the best views in Canada; as you can see our old nemeses returned and the fog was to thick to see anything! The drive to this place was curvy and car sickening we know next time to skip this place if it's foggy - it just isn't worth it.

We tried our luck up at the lighthouse not paying attention to the warning signs that "when foggy, they fog signal could go on at anytime". We were just entering the look-out area past the light house when the fog signal starts blaring. It's amazing that we still have our hearing, the photo above I took running away from the noise.

Sassy had gone the other way to another look-out view and this is a sweet photo of Nini who had run out to help her back to the car. Before getting to our next destination, we came across this old cemetery. It such a cool photo with the cemetery the old sign and the beautiful green landscape in the back.

Hopewell Rocks

One of our favorite stops and most memorable little adventure was the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. The rocks are part of the Bay of Fundy that lines this coastal region.

We didn't realize this when going onto the beach area, but there are patches of mud everywhere. While heading back before high tide (you can't be on the beach at high tide), Cici separated from me to head around a large rock. Suddenly she started yelling "Mommy", I started over the rock and slipped on some sea weed. Nini was behind me and had heard her sisters cry and was over the the large rock in about three seconds. She was so determined to "save" her sister from peril and got past me before I could get up. When I finally pulled myself up from falling and walked the rest of the way over the rock - Nini had gotten stuck in the mud.

Cici felt like she was being abandoned and separated from us and that was the reason for her cries. Our little super hero Nini was pulled out of the mud by me, but what we didn't bet on was her shoes not leaving the mud pit with her! I only brought one pair of sandals with me on the trip and finding these shoes were very necessary! Craig tried reaching in to retrieve the sandals but couldn't quite find them. I took off my shoes and used my feet to locate them in the 12 inch deep mud.

Long and amusing story short, I located her shoes but they were completely covered in mud. By now we were told that high tide was starting, and the park people were looking at us humorously. I assumed that this happened frequently as they had a wash area for shoes and feet up at the top of the cliffs at the entrance.

It was very rocky and the simplest way to go back up to the entrance area was to put our shoes back on our feet and walk up the flights of stairs. It was all good and wet in the end - no harm done, no bruises from falling - just a really interesting memory!

Before the mud incident, Craig had taken the camera from me to capture of few interesting photos. When he turned he saw all of us in this set-up and asked us all to freeze - It's our best model poses of the trip! We ended up getting into Cavendish, Prince Edward Island around 11:00 p.m. that night. It was a busy day, but full of fun!

Most spontaneous moment: Playing in the mud.
Worst Moment: Hearing Cici's cry for help.
Best food: Cold diet coke out of the cooler
Best View: Too many to choose
Best planned moment: Hopewell Rocks
Most memorable conversation: Talking about getting stuck in the mud.


Jennfer said...

"Favorite Food:Diet Coke." I noticed this from your day before too! Funny.

Love the mud pics. Love the "model poses" one too.
Fun times.

Marie said...

I love your mud story. That will always be a memory for your girls. "remember that time we were on the beach and got stuck in the mud?"

Just a sidenote: I have never been to eastern Canada, but we study the geography and history in school. I have always had to snicker a little at the name "Bay of Fundy." Even as a little girl I thought that was a rediculous sounding name.

Bren's Life said...

Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic trip. I love seeing the counrty through your blog...
Glad you found her shoes!