Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 3: Avonlea Village and Prince Edward Island.

Lover's Lane.

I have fallen in love with Prince Edward Island! I can see now why Lucy Maud Montgomery loved this area and was inspired to write Anne of Green Gables. It was beautiful! We stayed only one full day and I am ready to plan another trip next year for a week. Our day began with a trip to Avonlea Village, but to be honest, I wasn't expecting much entertainment for the adults; however, we all came away wanting to go back!

Coming in as a family is cheaper than paying individually and your entrance fee is a two day pass. The village is quaint, clean, and even with two or three packed buses of children on a field trip - it did not feel crowded. The streets were full of Maud's character's, including Anne herself. Nini got to met Diane and Anne right off and Cici got over her shyness quickly!

This school is the actual school where Lucy Maud Montgomery taught. Cici found her haven quickly when she discovered these crayons she could use to do what she loves to best -art!

We all got in the spirit of Anne by braiding our hair. Mine lasted a couple of hours before it was time to just put it up with a clip.

They had pony rides available to children under 65lbs. The girls were excited to ride the ponies, but were a little afraid to try. This photo was taken during our second attempt to ride, thy finally got the guts to get on and had a great time.

These photos are of Ms. Stacey and Anne's first teacher at Avonlea. Diane took the girls down to the fishing shanty for some really enjoyable entertainment.

The performers were wonderful! Music on Prince Edward Island they explained has influences from Scotland, Ireland, and french-Canadian. Mike Pendergast was wonderful leading the performances and playing the accordion, guitar, and keyboard. He definitely made the accordion look cool and easy -I am even thinking of getting out the accordion my mom gave me year ago. I'm not sure how she acquired it, just that I own it now and have never played it. Leon Gallant was wonderful on the fiddle, harmonica, and guitar - he was really fun to watch!

The song that is in this video Pendergast played in the afternoon performance, it's called Chevaliers de la table Ronde, and it introduced us to the french-Canadian influence on the Island. I added the link to the song for anyone who can read french. Basically it's about drinking and women - the men yelling "Oui" for to drinking and women and the women yelling "No"! Craig and the other men in the room were asked to come up on stage. That would be me with the loud "no, no, no"! The end of the song says Sur ma tombe, je veux qu'on inscrive«Ici gît le roi des buveurs»Ici gît, oui, oui, oui etc. and can be roughly translated as "on my grave, I want someone to inscribe 'Here lies the king of drinkers'" Such a fun time!

Nini was quite smitten with the actor who played Gilbert and really wanted a photo with him - only if I went with her! That smile says "I'm shy!"

Around 3:00 p.m they headed for some fun games with the children, they did this egg relay and then Nini got 2nd place in the ring toss! We were really sad to leave and really want to go back. I personally loved the music and all it's country influences - the girls just want to go back and see Anne!

After Avonlea Village was headed next door to the home that inspired her green gables. It was a lot more crowded and I only got a few photos before the heavens opened and the rain came. We took this opportunity to go eat and see if we could wait out the rain.

Prince Edward Beaches and Cliffs
Around 5:30 the same night the rain had stopped and we headed out to the Prince Edward Island National Park. This photo was taken within the park at the dunelands. The red sand and setting sun made the experience very special for us. There is a wood dock that leads across the grassy area out to the beach area.

I got some great photos of the girls on the beach playing. It's always the best when they don't pose for the camera and I was lucky to get both of these photos with the element of surprise.
Cici in the sand.
Nini with her Gilbert hat, in the water -of course!

The sun rays coming through the clouds were just beautiful. I felt fortunate to be able to capture this moment! The beach and dunes were wonderful!

Red foxes we didn't realize are a staple in the park. It was fun to pull off and get a close view of this little guy.
This is my "daring" photo of the day as I am standing a few feet away from one of these cliffs below!
The park had several places that you could easily pull off, park, and explore walks like the ones below or other beaches.

Throughout Northern Maine to PEI are these beautiful flower called Lupins. We found them in pink and a couple shades of purple.
This was taken around 9:30 p.m. It was a very long, fun, and full day. We were sad to leave Prince Edward Island and really hope to get back and see more of it next year.

Most spontaneous moment: Craig's singing debut.
Worst Moment: None
Best food: Anne's Raspberry Cordial and Pizza Delight
Best View: Sunset
Best planned moment: All day
Most memorable conversation: Talking about how much we enjoyed the music at Avolea Village


Lauralee said...

so fun to read about your trip.. I have been wondering what PEI stood for.. now I know!

Avolea sounds like a wonderful place.. and perfect for your girls!

dani said...

i'm so happy you stopped by my blog, michelle... i just love jennifer; she's so much fun!!!
prince edward island is beautiful!!! my roommate from college and her husband went there for their honeymoon and couldn't say enough about how much they enjoyed it.
they each took turns while the other drove reading anne of green gables. i always thought that was so sweet.
i'm glad you enjoyed it as well.
ps stop back over anytime:)

Christensen Family said...

Your pictures look fantastic! What a beautiful and fun place to visit...I've been wondering if my girls are old enough yet for Anne of Green Gables, but seeing your girls interact in the pictures makes me want to start reading to them right away!

Scribbit said...

I can't lurk any more--I've been following your trip so far and just dying of jealousy and here this just goes too far--I've ALWAYS wanted to go there, you're so lucky . . ..

Jennfer said...

Michelle, your pics are amazing. You must post the details of your new camera.
What a lovely day you had. So romantic and perfect. I never knew PEI had so much to offer!

Wendi said...

How fun! I'm such a fan of the books and movies.

Marie said...

Wonderful! I was in love with Gilbert in the movie when I was little. I was certain no man could be that handsome. So funny to look back and remember.

The singing was great, by the way!

I got your postcard! Thanks so much for thinking of me. It was a great surprise and made my day.

Nicole said...

Wow, such a nice summer of traveling! I don't know much about that area you visited but it is so beautiful. And the picture of the Lupins is incredible. We have lupins in So. Ca. but they are short lived.
So happy you had a great family vacation and envy your flare for posting it all. A happy little story of the Alley family fun...

Laura said...

Oh...what a wonderful place. It's definitely on my list of places to visit!

Natasha said...

Oh my, Luci would have loved Avonlea Village and me too! Beautiful pics!

Bren's Life said...

Oh my how beautiful it is... I love it. The scenery looks so lush & green. Was it hot? Your girls seem to be in heaven.

Holly said...

I have enjoyed peeking into your wonderful vacation through your last few posts. All of the pictures are beautiful--I hope to visit PEI and all things Anne someday.

Road trips are the BEST!

Thank you so much for the postcard from Maine. That was so sweet of you!

Amanda :-) said...

You must be exhausted! Wow, it looks absolutely brilliant. I'd love to do all that. It's amazing how it all looks so European. Very Scandinavian. You've taken some brilliant candid shots too - well done!

carlo said...

what a wonderful and amazing visit you have captured

i really need to write our vacation out to keep it fresh in our minds forever.

the little details you have written down will be so appreciated years from now

Melinda said...

I am sooooo soooo jelous of you vacation!! I have always wanted to go to PEI because of Anne of Green Gables. I have the DVD box set and grew up watching those and reading the books. Your post makes me want to go even more now.
I am so glad you had such a great time!

charity said...

hey it was good to catch up! Looks like you have been having fun! PEI sounds awesome. I too wanted to be Anne and in some ways I guess I am!

dougandcheryl said...

I just found your blog by chance and I so enjoyed seeing these PEI pictures. I have gone there twice now and ,in fact, just blogged about it the other day a bit. I miss those red foxes! That picture made me so happy. Isn't it the best place in the world?