Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 4: Cavendish to Lubec, Maine.

The fog at West Quoddy Lighthouse.

It is Sunday night and I am hoping to post the rest of our vacation before tomorrow; lofty goal, but I'm up for the challenge. We took my mother in law to the airport, although, she was stranded at JFK and can't fly out until the morning - yikes.

One last look at the Prince Edward Island Scenery

I am still in vacation mode and hope that I can easily mould myself back into the daily routine of being back from vacation. Summer should help this along!

Bridge from New Brunswick to PEI

We truly wanted to stay in Prince Edward Island, but with hotels and such already planned we stuck to our road trip plans and headed south to the bridge that extends from PEI to New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia flag at visitor's center.

Before heading into New Brunswick to Maine, we stopped off in Nova Scotia, one of those scenic detours you take when you are so close to something and know you at least have to say "I was their". Next time we'll plan more time and not just at the visitor's center!

The ferry to Campobello Island leaving us behind.

We decided to take a detour through Deer Island and Campobello Island, but taking ferries that run for free between these Islands. They skim about two to three hours of driving time off your trip from Canada to Lubec, Maine. From New Brunswick we took the ferry across to Deer Island, quickly crossed the 10 mile stretch across the Island to the ferry that was supposed to take us to Campobello Island where Franklin Roosevelt had his summer home.

Park at the ferry stop overlooking rocky edge.

However, the ferry was a bit smaller than we were anticipating and when we pulled up to take the ferry we were the last car and our van wouldn't fit. We had to catch the next ferry which was an hour away! We made the most of it by playing around a park that was near by and that is where I took the photo above.

The ferry was fun and lasted about an 45 minutes. The photo above us of the town we stayed the night in and is called Eastport.

The ferry landed on Campobello Island but we were too late arriving into town to go the the Roosevelt home. We stopped into the visitors center and enjoyed the view of the fog over Lubec, Maine.
One of the funny things about Craig is his need to "instruct" the girls on facts or events. It's funny because he always is so "official" about it! This is one such time - look at Nini's reaction! So cute!
The last photo of the day was one of my favorites and was taken along the coast from the West Quoddy Lighthouse into Eastport, Maine. Their were several stretches of scenery just like this one leading you right out into the ocean - it was really beautiful. I really felt like I was on the edge of the US - it's an interesting feeling. The West Quoddy Lighthouse was completely fogged in, so we opted for hitting it the again the next day on our way to Bar Harbour, Maine.

Most spontaneous moment: Playing in the park while waiting for the Deer Island Ferry.
Worst Moment: Leaving Prince Edward Island
Best food: Not having the Lobster Sassy ate in Eastport, ME
Best View: Water and Islands on the ferries.
Best planned moment: Relaxing on the ferry rides.
Most memorable conversation: Talking about PEI and knowing how much fun we had

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