Thursday, July 24, 2008

Answering the tag.

My sister has tagged me -I don't like to do these tags much as they are often too deep for me! But, since I don't want to get beat up by my big sis - I guess I'd better answer the tag!

Here are 6 qualities about myself...

I am...

1. Happy

2. Independent

3. Stubborn

4. Understanding

5. Helpful

6. Forgiving

... this was hard work to come up with these six qualities... I need a nap!

What are six qualitites about you Chrissy, Natasha, Nicole, and Marie?


Jennfer said...

That's right. You better be scared of me!

I didn't know you were so adversed to being tagged. Consider it noted. Not that I won't do it again, but consider it noted.

linda said...

Great qualities Michelle. I truly could say those same qualities about myself. I used to be alot more stubborn, I'm letting up in my old age.

Mandi said...

Love your 6 things!!! I also love your new blog look, very

dani said...

i do believe you left out, "lovely":) speaking of lovely... i hope your friday is just that!!!

Marie said...

I'll get right on it!

Natasha said...

Oh, I am just now seeing this - I'll get to it!