Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nancy Drew Stationary Contest

Monday, I had to be at the church for a meeting with 20 people expecting me to be on time. I had picked up my keys earlier in the morning, but when it came time to leave for my meeting - they were nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, I prayed, I cried - and in the end, my fellow bloggers - they were in my back pocket. I was 30 minutes late to my meeting, but fortunately the people were still their and very understanding.

Perhaps if I had a little bit more Nancy Drew in me, I would have deduced that I had put my keys in my back pocket or heard them shaking behind me as I frantically tried to find them. Do you have a bit of Nancy in you? Or are you like me and totally lacking! Either way, enter in the comments section for a chance to win this really cool Nancy Drew stationary. I was so excited to get it, but now I'm not sure I would have it in me to use all of the stationary - so I'm giving it to you!

Tell me what your best Non-Nancy Drew Moment is and you could win! - or, put your name in the hat by commenting - either one!
Contest ends Saturday at noon.
Good Luck!


dani said...

lol, michelle, i either cannot find what i'm looking for or forget what exactly i AM looking for on most occasions:b so, you are totally one up on me!!!

Jennfer said...

My Nancy Drew moment:

I have none, but the stationary looks interesting.