Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 7: Kittery Outlets to Acorn Cottage.

We stopped into the Portland Head Lighthouse before leaving the Portland area to view the ocean and lighthouse without fog. This painter was out painting the lighthouse - we all thought she was capturing it well!

One of the things I hope our girls remember about our vacations was the way Craig would always let the girls look through the binoculars at the sites we visited. He would always hold them just like this and talk to them about what they were seeing.

These photos were taken at the Portland lighthouse. The vests they are wearing were purchased at l.l. bean in the fishing department and monogrammed with their names. We purchased them so that they would have places to put the rocks, shells, paper, or souvenirs they collected on our road trip or while they play. We've coined them their "play vests". We've gotten so many compliments on them! Here's the link to the l.l. bean child's vests - click here!

This was our last day before heading back to Acorn Cottage and starting the 2nd half of our vacation. We stopped in at l.l. bean - again! Yes - again! I made up for Craig's shopping by hitting the Kitterey Outlets in southern Maine. I was in heaven after hitting the Gymboree outlet and the J Crew outlet. The stores are spread out into several different outside shopping malls, which I didn't like, but sacrifices must be made for good shopping! Before shopping we headed to York Beach, which until this trip was the farthest north we had been in Maine. We stopped in to this store...

To pick up some taffy which they lovingly call "kisses" and some ice cream. Craig and I ate here in 1997 on our first official vacation of our marriage. You can watch the taffy being pulled through the window and how they package the taffy. We ate our ice cream on the beach, hit the Kittery stores, and then headed back through NH, Vermont, and NY up to our cabin - phew!

Most spontaneous moment: Picking up one more shirt, I didn't need, at J Crew.
Worst Moment: Getting in too late into our cabin.
Best food: Peanut Butter Taffy

Best View: Kittery Outlets
Best planned moment: Portland Head Lighthouse without fog.
Most memorable conversation: That we still had one more week of vacation left!


Christensen Family said...

What a great idea those vests are! And they are so cute. We usually end up with rocks, bugs and who knows what else strewn randomly through the car along with all the other luggage. The vests look like a perfect solution.

Bren's Life said...

What a fun vacation you've been able to have... I would love to go & see all that you've just shown in your pictures. Well I guess your family would have to be there too!!!!
How pretty....

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Wow you guys sure did a lot. Sounds like a great vacation.

Jenn Free said...

One of Brian and my most memorable trips together was to Portland Maine. The picture you took of the Portland Head Lighthouse brings back fun memories for me. I actually have a Christmas tree ornament of that lighthouse that i hang on my tree every year. I would love to go back and take our kids one day. We stayed in a bed and breakfast on Long Island just a ferry ride out of Portland. It is a magical place for us!