Thursday, August 14, 2008

What the Hail?!!

No, this isn't a photo saved from a Montreal winter, this is from Monday! While downtown enjoying meeting a blogging friend for the first (post to come), the heaven's opened over the part of town we live in and dumped loads of gumdrop-sized hail!

We entered our neighborhood and I began noticing white all over the grassy areas? What? I asked myself, is their snow - no - did it snow? Yes I was a bit dramatic, but here, you expect the worst in your winter and I wasn't quite ready for it - it's August for Heaven's sake!

No, it was just hail, thankfully! This is a photo of our front yard. The streets were flooded to the curb in many areas. All this crazy weather and we missed it all!

Have you ever been in a hail storm with hail bigger than the ones above? Please tell us!


Laurie said...

If it's any consolation, we had some of that here in Utah on Sunday afternoon. I don't know if they were that big, but they were large, like jelly beans, and so loud! It was weird because it wasn't chilly out.

I heard we're getting a cold front from Canada in the next few days. And I know what you mean about the crazy cold winter. We need more summer!!!

Lauralee said...

oh man.. I was in utah sunday and saw that huge hail laurie just wrote about.. I was so confused cause it was warm..

anyway.. hope you get more summer before your winter sets in!

dani said...

wow, michelle:o
i haven't ever seen hail any bigger than what you have pictured. and, i've never seen it in quantity like that.
when we travelled to augusta, ga for the masters a couple of years ago, we were being chased by a storm that was producing "soft ball sized hail" according to the radio... we were afraid to even stop to get gas for fear it would catch up with us!!! when we returned home we saw the damage it had done (windows broken, new cars on car lots with huge dents, etc...). hail is a crazy phenomenon!!!
i hope you didn't have any damage!!!
take care, my sweet friend:)

Jan said...

That is really horrible. Sorry. I haven't seen it that big before personally. What a weird site indeed. Hope it doesn't happen again. That is for the winter or early spring. Not now.

Lisa said...

Holy Moly! Look at all that hail! This has been a strange year for weather...everywhere.

SuzanSayz said...

A couple of summers ago we were in Portland Or a few summers ago and just as we were going into this restaurant it started pouring down rain and hail. I don't think there were even rain drops it was more like buckets of water and the hail was unbeliveable. They were as big as gumdrops just like yours, and a few were twice as big as that. Luckily the storm only lasted for about fifteen minutes. We actually sat in our van and just waited for it to end.

Wendi said...

Did you really title this "What the hail?"

Oh Michelle.

I love you.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

I remember when we were younger seeing hail the size of golf balls.

What an impressive blanket of hail you had. Hopefully, you won't get too many more hail storms coming your way.

Lots of love and hugs

Amanda said...

Craziness. The weather is bizarre I tell you. It's been so cool (70's) here that we haven't been in our pool for the past 10 days.

That hail would scare me!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh My! I can't remember ever seeing so such hail!

Barb said...

That is crazy, we didn't see any of that in Natalie's neighborhood.