Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shhh! b...o....o...b.....s!

The Breast Cancer SiteI was wondering what to post about today, when I popped over to Dani's blog and read her post entitled - boobs. I knew instantly what my post was to be about - yes, boobs. For the sake of those who blush at this word, let's call them breasts. Either way, this is one of those subjects that affects every woman. For most, they are either too big or too small; for others, it's a story of life and death as they've experienced that awful moment and realization that they have breast cancer. I've met only one woman, or at least know of only one woman, who had a mastectomy, so this subject is foreign to me. I know there are woman out there who have had experiences that they are sharing with others and more who should. I have found myself wondering if age 40 is too late to have a mammogram and if I should be screened earlier. Here are two stories that might make you laugh, or not - but either way, I hope to raise breast health awareness by just talking about that hush, hush word-boobs:

Story #1: My sister Jennifer and I grew up always three years apart. I think that we enjoyed each others company, but as her little sister - it was my job to annoy her - right? One evening while doing dishes together my sister and I were singing the song, Hit me with your best shot, by Pat Benatar. She had just taken the foil from the counter and rolled it in a ball to throw it away. Goofing off, she said to me while putting the foil over her boob - 'hit me with your best shot'. So, I did. OK, hello? Did she not think I wouldn't take that shot?! My only choice at this time was to run and try to defend myself from a very upset - sore - sister! It's a fun story to tell now, but having no breasts of my own at the time -I understand now why she was so mad!

Do you think the media feeds into our bigger or smaller methodology? Or is it entirely personal?

Story #2: Two weeks ago I went to a department store to be sized. My bras were seriously stretched and it was time to get some more. There was this little old lady at the counter and after trying on a couple of bras on my own, I approached her to size me. She did the measurements, stepped back looking perplexed. I said, "So, my size?" "Hmmm," she said, "32...." wait for it ... " double d". "Really?" ...and with her french Quebec accent, she said,"I'll be back".

Seriously, it seemed like 10 minutes, she came back with what she said was the only three bras in the entire store with this size and asked me to try the first one on. She opened the door right as I put the bra on and the next thing out of her mouth was "beautiful!" She than called to the other woman working the counter. Soon I had two old ladies looking at my cleavage. It was quite the scene! While I am standing with the dressing room door open to the public, they are talking about how they have never seen this size before in all their days at their job. I guess the around size is smaller than most double d sizes? I quickly shrink back into the dressing room. I have shyed away from telling this embarassing tale, but all well - big or small, it's all about how we feel - right? Make the choice to love your size and make the choice to be aware!

Should we be tested sooner than 40 for mammograms? Is 40 too late?

What stories can you tell?
Have you had a mammogram yet?
This is for you Jennifer!


dani said...

you lucky girl you, michelle!!! i'm sooooooooooooooooooooo jealous... nobody has EVER looked at my breast (nor my cleavage (i used to think that was the beaver's last name;)) and uttered (no pun intended) the word "beautiful".
enjoy them, my friend. and my ob/gyn told me 40 is the magic number unless you find something that needs to be looked at before then:)

Amanda said...

I have known several women who have had masectomies and truly believe that we shouldn't shy away from this subject.

I laughed out loud at your story in the department store! Just imagining these two old ladies gawking is too funny for words.

When I was first married I had a bra and the label said "Nearly A". I didn't even know that was a size.


But when I'm pregnant...that's a whole other story.

Nikki said...

I already had a mammogram- at 35 years old. I'm one of those "nearly A"s, but my maternal grandmother died of breat cancer so they wanted to check a little earlier.
Atleast I can feel good that it was all clear.
Loved your stories!! Good laughs! :)

Marie said...

I would rather do just about anything than go bra shopping. Horrible. Having two old women discuss my cleavage while my dressing room door is open to the world would scare me off it all together and I would become the Sue-Ellen Mishkey (go through your Seinfeld trivia) of Alberta.

SuzanSayz said...

That is amazing that those women didn't realize how outlandish their behaviour was. What ever happened to the saying that "with age comes wisdom". Maybe they used to be hippies and fried their brains back in the 60's.
Thanks for the reminder about Mammograms. I haven't had one for more than two years, I have got to get myself an appointment and go get the BIG SQEEZE.

leanne c said...

Hey Michelle
I think that you should be able to have mammograms from the age of thirty as there are more and more people getting breast cancer at a younger age.

Natalie said...

Ok, I'm still laughing at your experience in the department store! I would have been so horrified expecially these days with my saggy, post nursing "bee stings". I'm green with envy!

Bren's Life said...

First off I can see you & Jennifer being very competitive & that happening. Too funny.
2nd. What do most Canadian women have small boobs or something? Why have they never seen boobs before if that is their job.
Man- that must be pretty dang nice to be told they were Beautiful! Now when you walk in the store they'll know you as the Beautiful Boob Woman!!
And I am not shy talking about it & have a really good friend that has a mastecomy & had a reconstuction surgery to fix it & she's beautiful!

Jennfer said...

BTW, pre-teen boobs are tender!

And I put the foil ball IN my bra and struted a little too!

Good times.

Jenny said...

you were brave to share that story. I have been sized before at victoria secret. Also been to have a mamogram. Neither were that eventful or worth sharing.

Love the video.