Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SPT: Happy Sunday Afternoons.

Sunday afternoons after church, meetings, callings, and such are my favorite times. It's the only day when our family doesn't feel like we should be "doing" and we all sit around in various rooms reading, crafting, drawing, sleeping, or watching something on TV. It is the light of my week.

How about you?
What is your favorite day or moment in the week?


SuzanSayz said...

Ya know what Michelle, I hadn't really given this much thought, but you are right!!! I love Sunday after church. Every Sunday, my son and daughter in law, Donald and Lisa, and my three youngest grandaughters come for dinner. It's more cooking than I usually do during the week, since I don't make dinner nearly as often as it's fend for yourself night. On sundays though I'm more than willing to extend myself. It's just so wonderful to have a big family dinner once a week. The only dissapointment is that my daughter and son-in-law Jeff & Heidi and my two oldest grandaughters (who live two hours away) aren't there.
Thanks for reminding me of yet one more thing I have to be grateful for.

Lucy said...

I've always wanted Sundays to be my and our favorite day but it still isn't.

Probably Saturdays. But I'm planning on making Sunday a favorite soon!:)

Natasha said...

Well this is food for thought because I don't know that I have a favorite . . .you always get me thinking!

Jan said...

Probably Friday evenings. I don't know why, but I love it. Nice picture.

leanne c said...

Hey michelle i love sundays as they are our sleep in days and also our family days as our weekdays are so hectic.

michelle said...

I too love Sundays. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

dani said...

i love sundays, too, michelle... especially when we eat out lunch and come home and take a long nap:)
i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and will have a great weekend!!!

Marie said...

Yes, a nice calm Sunday afternoon is wonderful!